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Orders over $250 qualify for a free Topo DVD.

Free NTS index maps upon request.

If you have a large order, please email us your desired list of maps, and we will gladly help you.


If changing shipping methods, please do so before adding your products. If you need to change your shipping method later, please empty your cart, and start over.

Shipping Information

Your order is usually filled within 1 business day (often same day). If the requested maps are part of a very large order, your order will be filled within 1-3 business days.

Canada & U.S.A.

Maps will be shipped rolled in a tube or folded. These maps are printed on-demand and ship out of Calgary, Alberta, or Minneapolis, Minnesota through a certified map printer.

Within Canada, maps are shipped via Canada Post regular mail or Xpresspost.

Orders to the United States are shipped via USPS or UPS.


International Shipments are sent folded via Canada Post regular mail. Note that parcels sent by this method are not traceable and YellowMaps will not be responsible for, or replace items lost or delayed. There is a maximum of 5 maps per order that ship to an address outside of North America. If you require more than 5 maps for your trip, please make separate, multiple purchases.

Return Policy

Should you have any questions about a product, we encourage you to ask us before purchasing.

Generally, all sales are final. As maps are printed on-demand for each order, we regret that maps are not returnable.

Map Sizes

approx. dimensions; incl. whitespace

1:50,000 scale map sheets:

  • Height: ca. 26"
  • Width: ca. 36"

1:250,000 scale map sheets:

  • Height: ca. 22"
  • Width: ca. 26"

Waterproof Topographic Maps

We can ship any topographic map of Canada on waterproof material. These maps are printed on polypropylene, which is a plastic polymer, or on a waterproof material that has a laminate plastic embedded in the sheet of paper. The maps are water and tear resistant, and can be folded. Perfect for use in the outdoors, waterproof maps are very popular with canoers, hikers and hunters.

Index Maps

If you would like a free NTS index map included with your shipment, please email us.

Index maps available:

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