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Flower's Cove Satellite Image Map

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Flower's Cove Satellite Imagery

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012P07 Flower's Cove high-resolution satellite image map.

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Flower's Cove Surrounding Area Aerial Photo Maps

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Flower's Cove Gazetteer

The following places can be found on satellite image map 012P07 Flower's Cove:

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Bays

Anse aux Morts
Bear Cove
Boat Cove
Deadman Cove
Flowers Cove
Flower's Cove
Forteau Bay
Golfe du Saint-Laurent
Green Island Cove
Gulf of St. Lawrence
Mistaken Cove
Nameless Cove
Payne's Cove
Sandy Cove
Savage Cove
Schooner Cove
Shoal Cove

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Beaches

The Flats

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Capes

Admiral Point
Bear Cove Point
Capstan Point
Chambers Point
Chimney Head
Crow Head
English Point
Forteau Point
Grassy Point
Hawkins or Buckle Point
Longue Point
Nameless Point
Northern Peninsula
Pointe Amour
Red Rock Point
Salmon Point
Savage Point

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Channels

Détroit de Belle Isle
Strait of Belle Isle

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Islands

Cooper Island
Flowers Island
Flower's Island
Green Island
Herb Island
Red Island
Rocky Island
Seal Islands
Slab Island

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Lakes

First Lake

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Rivers

Forteau Brook
Overfall Brook

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Shoals

Crow Head Bank
Double Ledge
Flowers Ledges
Green Island Rock
Grenville Ledge
Payne's Cove Rock
Pillot Bank
Seal Ledges
Wolf Rock

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Towns

Flower's Cove
L'Anse au Loup
Savage Cove - Sandy Cove

Flower's Cove Satellite Image: Unincorporated areas

Bear Cove
Buckles Point
Davis House
Deadman Cove
Deadmans Cove
English Point
Green Island Brook
Green Island Cove
Job's Room
Lonesome Cove
Mistaken Cove
Nameless Cove
Payne's Cove
Pines Cove
Salmon Rock
Sandy Cove
Savage Cove
Shoal Cove
St. Barbe North Sandy Cove
White House
Air photo: Flower's Cove Satellite Image map 012P07 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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