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Elliot Lake Satellite Image Map

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Elliot Lake Satellite Imagery

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041J07 Elliot Lake high-resolution satellite image map.

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Elliot Lake Surrounding Area Aerial Photo Maps

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Elliot Lake Gazetteer

The following places can be found on satellite image map 041J07 Elliot Lake:

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Bays

68 Bay
Baker Bay
Baker's Bay
Brundage Bay
Camp 7 Bay
Camp Bay
MacDonald's Bay
Merseth's Bay
Shamas Bay
South Bay
Teacher's Bay
Vezeau's Bay

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Beaches

The New Beach
The Old Beach

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Capes

Allen's Point
Brown's Point
Conecho Point
Hamil's Point
Paradise Point
Sandy Point
Stover's Point
Thomas Point

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Channels

68 Narrows
Butterfield Narrows
Graveyard Narrows

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: City

Elliot Lake

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Falls

Cataract Falls
The Waterfalls

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Geographical areas


Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Islands

Blueberry Island
Graveyard Island
John Blue Island
Knowles Island
Lee Island
Lee's Island
Little Blueberry Island
Long Island
Matinenda Island
Monument Island
Roman Island
Swiss Island
Sylvah Island

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Lakes

Admiral Lake
Banana Lake
Bawden Lakes
Bawden Lakes
Bay Lake
Bearhead Lake
Beaver Lake
Benedict Lake
Big Moon Lake
Black Lake
Blanche Lake
Boundary Lake
Camp Lake
Canyon Lake
Caribou Lake
Caroline Lake
Cataract Lake
Charlie Lake
Chiblow Lake
Christie Lake
Cinder Lake
Claim Lake
Coffee Lake
Coffee Lake
Commander Lake
Cream Lake
Crotch Lake
Crow Lake
David Lake
Denison Lake
Depot Lake
Duck Lake
Duck Lake
Dumbell Lake
Dunlop Lake
Dyelle Lake
Elephant Lake
Elliot Lake
Emerald Lake
Esten Lake
Evans Lake
First Lake
Flag Lake
Flying Goose Lake
Gander Lake
Granary Lake
Grandeur Lake
Green Lake
Gullbeak Lake
Gusty Lake
Halfmoon Lake
Hector Lake
Heron Lake
Hope Lake
Horne Lake
Hough Lake
Intersect Lake
Jowsey Lake
Keelor Lake
Kenmey Lake
Kings Lake
Laderoute Lake
Lake Duborne
Lake Hope
Lake of the Mountains
Link Lake
Little Duck Lake
Little May Lake
Little Moon Lake
Loon Lake
Lower Cranberry Lake
Lower Mace Lake
Magog Lake
Manfred Lake
Marsh Lake
Marshland Lake
Mather Lake
Mather's Lake
Matinenda Lake
May Lake
McCabe Lake
McCarthy Lake
McFadden Lake
McGiverin Lake
Mellon Lake
Metevier Lake
Mink Lake
Moon Lake
Nordic Lake
Norse Lake
North Nordic Lake
Northspan Lake
Ouellette Lake
Pardee Lake
Pathfinder Lake
Peak Lake
Pear Lake
Penelope Lake
Pike Lake
Pistol Lake
Popeye Lake
Poppy Lake
Porridge Lake
Quimby Lake
Quirke Lake
Rioux Lake
Rodge Lake
Rossmere Lake
Rusty Lake
Ryan Lake
Ryan Lake
Rye Lake
Second Lake
Sheriff Lake
Skull Lake
Slipper Lake
Slipper Lake
Snafu Lake
South Lake
Spence Lake
Spillane Lake
Spring Lake
Spur Lake
Stinky Lake
Stinson Lake
Stollery Lake
Stone Lake
Strouth Lake
Summers Lake
Tea Lake
Tea Lake
Teasdale Lake
Trout Lake
Turtle Lake
Upper Cranberry Lake
Vanhorn Lake
Westner Lake
Williams Lake
Wise Lake
Zeke Lake

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Mountains

Beaver Mountain
Fire Tower Mountain
Mount Dufour

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Other municipal/district area - miscellaneous

The North Shore

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Conservation areas

Glenn N. Crombie Conservation Reserve
Matinenda Provincial Park

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Rivers

Bearhead Creek
Bearhead Creek
Black Creek
Black Creek
Blind River
Christie Creek
Cranberry Creek
Crooked Creek
Duck Creek
Granary Creek
Laderoute Creek
Magog Creek
Marcellus Creek
Marshland River
Marshland River
McCarthy Creek
Moon Creek
Pistol Creek
Rochester Creek
Serpent River
Sheriff Creek
Summers Creek

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Road features

Winter Portage

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Shoals

Bagi's Rock
Flat Rocks
Good Odds Shoal
Rooster Rock
The High Rocks

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Towns

Blind River

Elliot Lake Satellite Image: Unincorporated areas

Nordic Lake
Nordic Townsite
Air photo: Elliot Lake Satellite Image map 041J07 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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