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Lake Louise Satellite Image Map

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Lake Louise Satellite Imagery

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Lake Louise Surrounding Area Aerial Photo Maps

082N13 Sullivan River Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N14 Rostrum Peak Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N15 Mistaya Lake Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N16 Siffleur River Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
082N12 Mount Sir Sandford Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N11 Bluewater Creek Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N10 Blaeberry River Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N09 Hector Lake Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
082N05 Glacier Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N06 Blaeberry Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N07 Golden Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N08 Lake Louise Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
082N04 Illecillewaet Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N03 Mount Wheeler Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N02 Mcmurdo Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082N01 Mount Goodsir Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
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Lake Louise Gazetteer

The following places can be found on satellite image map 082N08 Lake Louise:

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Cliffs

Cathedral Crags

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Falls

Bridal Veil Falls
Giant Steps
Ottertail Falls
Seven Sisters Falls
Seven Veils Falls
Takakkaw Falls
Whisky-jack Falls

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Glaciers

Aberdeen Glacier
Bath Glacier
Cathedral Glacier
Fay Glacier
Haddo Glacier
Hanbury Glacier
Horseshoe Glacier
Lefroy Glacier
Mitre Glacier
Niles Glacier
Victoria Glacier
Wenkchemna Glacier

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Lakes

Baker Lake
Boom Lake
Brachiopod Lake
Cascade Lakes
Cathedral Lakes
Consolation Lakes
Eiffel Lake
Herbert Lake
Hidden Lake
Hidden Lakes
Hungabee Lake
Island Lake
Kaufmann Lake
Kingfisher Lake
Lake Agnes
Lake Annette
Lake Louise
Lake McArthur
Lake Oesa
Lake O'Hara
Lefroy Lake
Linda Lake
Little Baker Lake
Lost Lake
Mary Lake
McArthur Lake
McNair Pond
Minewakun Lake
Mirror Lake
Moor Lakes
Moraine Lake
Morning Glory Lakes
Mud Lake
Narao Lakes
O'Brien Lake
Opabin Lake
Ptarmigan Lake
Redoubt Lake
Ross Lake
Schaffer Lake
Sherbrooke Lake
Sink Lake
Skoki Lakes
Summit Lake
Taylor Lake
Temple Lake
Tilted Lake
Vera Lake
Victoria Lake
Wapta Lake
Yoho Lake
Yukness Lake
Zigadenus Lake

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Mountains

Allan Peak
Anthozoan Mountain
Bident Mountain
Boom Mountain
Boom Mountain
Bow Range
Bow Range
Brachiopod Mountain
Cathedral Mountain
Chimney Peak
Chimney Peak
Collier Peak
Collier Peak
Curtis Peak
Deltaform Mountain
Deltaform Mountain
Devils Thumb
Divide Mountain
Eagle Eyrie
Eiffel Peak
Fairview Mountain
Fulmen Mountain
Glacier Peak
Glacier Peak
Haddo Peak
Heather Ridge
Hungabee Mountain
Hungabee Mountain
Lipalian Mountain
Lychnis Mountain
Misko Mountain
Montagnes Rocheuses
Montagnes Rocheuses
Mount Aberdeen
Mount Allan
Mount Allen
Mount Allen
Mount Babel
Mount Bell
Mount Biddle
Mount Bosworth
Mount Bosworth
Mount Bowlen
Mount Bowlen
Mount Dennis
Mount Duchesnay
Mount Ennis
Mount Fay
Mount Fay
Mount Field
Mount Huber
Mount Lefroy
Mount Lefroy
Mount Little
Mount Little
Mount Niblock
Mount Odaray
Mount Ogden
Mount Oke
Mount Owen
Mount Park
Mount Perren
Mount Perren
Mount Quadra
Mount Quadra
Mount Richardson
Mount Schaffer
Mount St. Piran
Mount Stephen
Mount Temple
Mount Tuzo
Mount Tuzo
Mount Victoria
Mount Victoria
Mount Whyte
Mount Yukness
Narao Peak
Neptuak Mountain
Neptuak Mountain
Odaray Mountain
Ottertail Range
Paget Peak
Panorama Ridge
Park Mountain
Pika Peak
Pinnacle Mountain
Popes Peak
Popes Peak
Protection Mountain
Ptarmigan Peak
Quadra Mountain
Quadra Mountain
Redoubt Mountain
Ringrose Peak
Ringrose Peak
Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Saddle Mountain
Sheol Mountain
Slate Mountains
Slate Range
The Beehive
The Mitre
The Watch Tower
Tilted Mountain
Tower of Babel
Unity Peak
Vanguard Peak
Wapta Mountain
Waputik Mountains
Waputik Mountains
Waputik Range
Wasatch Mountain
Wenkchemna Peak
Wenkchemna Peak
Wenkchemna Peaks
Wenkchemna Peaks
Wiwaxy Peaks
Yukness Mountain

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Columbia-Shuswap Regional District
Regional District of East Kootenay
Regional District of Kootenay-Boundary

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Other municipal/district area - miscellaneous

Improvement District No. 9

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Conservation areas

Abbot Pass Refuge Cabin National Historic Site of Canada
Banff National Park of Canada
Kicking Horse Pass National Historic Site of Canada
Kicking Horse Pass National Historic Site of Canada
Kootenay National Park of Canada
Lieu historique national du Canada du Col-Kicking Horse
Lieu historique national du Canada du Col-Kicking Horse
Lieu historique national du Canada du Refuge-du-Col-Abbot
Parc national du Canada Banff
Parc national du Canada Kootenay
Parc national du Canada Yoho
Yoho National Park of Canada

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Plains

Plain of the Six Glaciers

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Rivers

Babel Creek
Baker Creek
Bath Creek
Blue Creek
Boom Creek
Boulder Creek
Bow River
Cataract Brook
Corral Creek
Duchesnay Creek
Float Creek
Giddie Creek
Goodsir Creek
Haskins Creek
Haygarth Creek
Kicking Horse River
Louise Creek
McArthur Creek
Misko Creek
Monarch Creek
Moraine Creek
Morning Glory Creek
Niles Creek
Ottertail River
Paradise Creek
Pipestone River
Sherbrooke Creek
Silver Slope Creek
Silverslope Creek
Taylor Creek
Tokumm Creek
Watch Tower Creek
Whisky-jack Creek
Wildflower Creek
Yoho River

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Springs

Sylvan Spring

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Unincorporated areas

Lake Louise

Lake Louise Satellite Image: Valleys

Abbot Pass
Abbot Pass
Biddle Pass
Boulder Pass
Burgess Pass
Consolation Pass
Consolation Valley
Deception Pass
Dennis Pass
Duchesnay Pass
Kicking Horse Pass
Kicking Horse Pass
Larch Valley
McArthur Pass
Misko Pass
Odaray Pass
Opabin Pass
Paradise Valley
Prospectors Valley
Sentinel Pass
Upper Canyon
Valley of the Ten Peaks
Wastach Pass
Wenkchemna Pass
Wenkchemna Pass
Yoho Pass
Air photo: Lake Louise Satellite Image map 082N08 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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