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Port Coquitlam Satellite Image Map

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Port Coquitlam Satellite Imagery

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Port Coquitlam Surrounding Area Aerial Photo Maps

092G13 Jervis Inlet Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G14 Cheakamus River Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G15 Mamquam Mountain Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G16 Glacier Lake Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
092G12 Sechelt Inlet Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G11 Squamish Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G10 Pitt River Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G09 Stave River Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
092G05 Sechelt Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G06 North Vancouver Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G07 Port Coquitlam Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G08 Stave Lake Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
092G04 Nanaimo Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G03 Lulu Island Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G02 New Westminster Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 092G01 Mission Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
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Port Coquitlam Gazetteer

The following places can be found on satellite image map 092G07 Port Coquitlam:

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Bays

Bedwell Bay
Belcarra Bay
Buntzen Bay
Burrard Inlet
Cosy Cove
Deep Cove
Farrer Cove
Helga Bay
Heron Cove
Indian Arm
Iron Bay
McPhaden Bay
Port Moody
Seal Bay
Subiaco Cove
Vancouver Harbour
Whiskey Cove

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Beaches

Goose Bar
Sunnyside Beach

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Capes

Addington Point
Admiralty Point
Berry Point
Best Point
Burns Point
Cacus Point
Carraholly Point
Cozen Point
Deer Point
Dockrill Point
Gosse Point
Lone Rock Point
Reed Point
Roche Point
Rocky Point
Turtle Head

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Channels

Grant Channel
Grant Narrows

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: City

Pitt Meadows
Port Coquitlam
Port Moody

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Cliffs

Cove Cliff

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: District municipality

Maple Ridge
North Vancouver

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Falls

Fairy Falls
Granite Falls
Russell Falls
Seymour Falls
Silver Falls
Spray of Pearls Falls
Sunshine Falls

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Indian Reserves

Burrard Inlet Indian Reserve 3
Coquitlam Indian Reserve 2
Inlailawatash Indian Reserve 4
Inlailawatash Indian Reserve 4A
Pitt Lake Indian Reserve 4
Réserve indienne Burrard Inlet 3
Réserve indienne Coquitlam 2
Réserve indienne Inlailawatash 4
Réserve indienne Inlailawatash 4A
Réserve indienne Pitt Lake 4

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Islands

Boulder Island
Coquitlam Island
Croker Island
Goose Island
Grey Rocks Island
Hamber Island
Jug Island
Little Goose Island
Racoon Island
Siwash Island
Twin Islands

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Lakes

Beautiful Lake
Bennie Lake
Betsy Lake
Bird Lake
Blaney Lake
Buntzen Lake
Burwell Lake
Catbird Slough
Clegg Lake
Como Lake
Consolation Lakes
Coquitlam Lake
Cornett Lakes
Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Slough
Crane Ponds
Cypress Lake
De Boville Slough
De Pencier Lake
Dennett Lake
Disc Lake
Dominion Avenue Slough
Elsay Lake
Eunice Lake
Fannin Lake
Fenton Road Slough
First Lake
Flower Lake
Gabbro Lake
Goldie Lake
Goose Lake
Gopher Lake
Gwendoline Lake
Hastings Lake
Hidden Lake
Irmy Lake
Jacobs Lake
Katherine Lake
Lafarge Lake
Loon Lake
Lost Lake
McCombe Lake
Mike Lake
Mirror Lake
Munday Lake
Munro Lake
Mystery Lake
Obelisk Lake
Peaceful Lake
Peneplain Lake
Percy Lake
Pitt Lake
Placid Lake
Quarry Slough
Rolf Lake
Rose Lake
Sasamat Lake
Second Lake
Seymour Lake
Shirley Lake
Spindle Lake
Sturgeon Slough
Surprise Lake
Talus Lake
Theta Lake
Vicar Lakes
Widgeon Lake
Widgeon Slough

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Marine navigation features

Orlohma Beach

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Mountains

Big Pine Mountain
Bishop Mountain
Brockton Point
Burnt Hill
Capitol Hill
Chaîne Côtière
Coast Mountains
Coquitlam Mountain
Cypress Mountain
Dinkey Peak
Dog Mountain
Eagle Mountain
Fannin Mountains
Fannin Range
Gabbro Mountain
Golden Ears
Little Horn Mountain
Little Pine Mountain
Mount Bishop
Mount Blanshard
Mount Burke
Mount Burnaby
Mount Dickens
Mount Elsay
Mount Felix
Mount Seymour
Mystery Peak
Obelisk Peak
Pacific Ranges
Peneplain Peak
Pump Peak
Rocky Hill
Runner Peak
Sheridan Hill
Snake Rock
Tangled Summit
Widgeon Peak

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Dewdney-Alouette Regional District
Fraser Valley Regional District

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Conservation areas

Golden Ears Park
Indian Arm Marine Park
Indian Arm Park
Mount Seymour Park
Mount Seymour Recreation Area
Pinecone Burke Park
Réserve nationale de faune de la Vallée-Widgeon
Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Recreational sites

Mount Seymour

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Rivers

Allan Creek
Alouette River
Annore Creek
Ashby Creek
Bishop Creek
Blakeny Creek
Blaney Creek
Booth Creek
Buntzen Creek
Burwell Creek
Cathedral Creek
Clementine Creek
Coldwell Creek
Como Creek
Coquitlam River
Dark Creek
DeBeck Creek
Defrauder Creek
Deiner Creek
Donegani Creek
Eloise Creek
Elsay Creek
Fannin Creek
Francis Creek
Gibbens Creek
Grand Creek
Gurney Creek
Gwendoline Creek
Hanging Creek
Hett Creek
Holmden Creek
Hoy Creek
Hyde Creek
Hydraulic Creek
Indian River
Irvine Creek
Jacobs Creek
Lighthall Creek
Loon Creek
MacIntyre Creek
Mantle Creek
Marquart Creek
Mayfly Creek
McCartney Creek
McKenzie Creek
McLean Creek
McSween Creek
Mossom Creek
Munro Creek
Neill Creek
Noons Creek
North Alouette River
Or Creek
Osprey Creek
Partington Creek
Partridge Creek
Paton Creek
Percy Creek
Pitt River
Pritchett Creek
Raven Creek
School House Brook
Scott Creek
Scott-Goldie Creek
Seymour Creek
Seymour River
Shone Creek
Smiling Creek
Spring Creek
Stephenson Creek
Still Creek
Stoney Creek
Sunshine Creek
Taylor Creek
Underhill Creek
Watkins Creek
West Noons Creek
Widgeon Creek
Wigwam Creek
Williams Creek
Windermere Creek

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: River features

Chatham Reach
Fox Reach

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Shoals

Belvedere Rock
Black Shoal
Charles Reef
Lone Rock
Tupper Rock
White Rock

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Unincorporated areas

Alder Creek
Arbutus Ridge
Austin Heights
Birchland Manor
Brentwood Park
Brighton Beach
Buntzen Bay
Canyon Heights
Capilano Highlands
Capitol Hill
Cleveland Park
Coldwell Beach
Cosy Cove
Cove Cliff
Deep Cove
Eagle Ridge
Forest Hills
Granite Falls
Grey Rocks
Harbour Chines
Harbour Village
Hastings Road
Ioco Junction
Iron Bay
Kensington-Cedar Cottage
Lake Buntzen
Laurentian Belaire
Lincoln Park
North Woodlands
Orlomah Beach
Oxford Heights
Ranch Park
Riley Park
River Springs
Seymour Heights
Silver Falls
Silver Valley
South Cambie
Sullivan Heights
Sun Valley
Twin Islands
Upper Lynn
West End
West Lynn
Wigwam Inn
Williams Landing
Windsor Park

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Low vegetation

Homilk'um Marsh
Katzie Marsh
Pitt Marsh
Smohk'wa Marsh

Port Coquitlam Satellite Image: Villages

Air photo: Port Coquitlam Satellite Image map 092G07 at 1:50,000 Scale
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