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012H10 Hampden Topo Map

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Hampden Surrounding Area Topo Maps

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Hampden Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 012H10 Hampden:

Hampden Topo Map: Bays

Bailey Cove
Bear Gulch
Browns Cove
Burdens Cove
Burnt Head Cove
Clay Cove
Country Cove
East Anchorage
Georges Cove
Gold Cove
Gooseberry Cove
Hampden Bay
Hannah Cove
Little Pumbly Cove
Little Spear Cove
Morgan Cove
Natlins Cove
Pumbly Cove
Purbeck's Cove
Saltwater Cove
Sops Arm
South Anchorage
Spear Cove
Sprucy Cove
West Anchorage
White Bay
White Head Cove

Hampden Topo Map: Capes

Baie Verte Peninsula
Clift Point
Fox Point
Lower Head
Mohawk Point
Northern Peninsula
Oody Point
Otter Point
Pollards Point
Spear Point
Twelve Mile Point
Upper Head
Western Head

Hampden Topo Map: Islands

Doone Island
Granby Island
Millers Island

Hampden Topo Map: Lakes

Ansteys Fifth Pond
Ansteys First Pond
Ansteys Fourth Pond
Ansteys Second Pond
Ansteys Third Pond
Bailey Cove Pond
Bald Eagle Pond
Beaver Pond
Big Davis Pond
Black Duck Ponds
Black Lake
Carl Pond
Chouse Brook Steadies
Clam Pond
Corner Brook Pond
Country Cove Pond
Crooked Pond
Deer Pond
Deer Pond
Dock Pond
Downs Pond
George Ricks Pond
Georges Pond
Giles Pond
Gull Lake
Gull Pond
Headwater Pond
Little Davis Pond
Long Pond
Long Pond
Manuels Lake
Micmac Pond
Misty Pond
Moose Lake
Natlins Pond
Pittmans Pond
Rattling Brook Ponds
Rocky Pond
Rocky Pond
Round Pond
Round Pond
Saltwater Pond
Sand Pond
Second Saltwater Pond
Side Pond
Spear Cove First Pond
Spear Cove Second Pond
Tar-Barrel Pond
Taylors Pond
Trout Pond
Trout Pond
Unknown Pond
Upper Indian Pond
White Bottom Pond
White Head Pond
Wild Beach Pond
Wild Cove Pond
Wild Pond
Will Hynes Pond
Wissen Pond

Hampden Topo Map: Mountains

Bess Hill
Corner Hill
Dough-Boy Hill
Green Hill
Long Range Mountains
Mount Allgood
Mount Bourke
Mount Campbell
Mount Corbett
Mount de Robeck
Mount Eleanor
Mount Ella
Mount Fleming
Mount Haggarty
Mount Lockyer
Mount Moorshead
Mount Seeton
Mount Winifred
Oody Mountain
Simms Ridge
The Pinnacle

Hampden Topo Map: Rivers

Alder Brook
Ansteys Brook
Big Chouse Brook
Black Brook
Black Duck Brook
Corner Brook
Doucers Brook
Eliot Brook
Falls Brook
Gales Brook
Goose Brook
Hampden River
Little Chouse Brook
Main Brook
Natlins Brook
Nobles Brook
North Big Chouse Brook
North Brook
Purbecks Brook
Purbeck's Brook
Rattling Brook
Rocky Brook
Saltwater Brook
West Hampden River
Wild Cove Brook

Hampden Topo Map: Shoals

Bird Rock
Francis Reef
Gull Rock
Shag Rock

Hampden Topo Map: Towns


Hampden Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Browns Cove
Burtons Cove
Georges Cove
Gold Cove
Granby Island
Hannah Cove
Little Pumbly Cove
Pollards Point
Pollard's Point
Pumbly Cove
Purbeck's Cove
Sprucy Cove
The Beaches

Hampden Topo Map: Valleys

Caribou Valley

Hampden Topo Map: Low vegetation

Browns Cove Barrens
Corner Brook Barrens
Hampden Topographic map 012H10 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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