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012H13 St Pauls Inlet Topo Map

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St Pauls Inlet Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 012H13 St Pauls Inlet:

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Bays

Alex Cove
Cow Cove
Cow Head Harbour
Eastern Arm
Eastern Brook Cove
Golfe du Saint-Laurent
Gulf of St. Lawrence
Lower Cove
Shallow Bay
Snug Harbour
St. Pauls Bay
St. Pauls Inlet

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Capes

Broom Point
Button Point
Cow Head
Downes Point
Lower Head
Martin Point
Northern Peninsula
Sandy Point
St. Pauls Point
White Point

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Channels

Inner Narrows

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Falls

The Overfalls

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Islands

Belldowns Islands
Little Island
Middle Island
Stearin Island
Stearing Island
The Brandies
Western Island
White Rock Islets

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Lakes

Big Pond
Bills Pond
Bottom Pond
Clifty Pond
Country Camp Pond
Crossing Place Pond
Crossing Place Pond
Diver Pond
Donalds Pond
Downes Pond
Dry Brook Pond
Eastern Brook Ponds
Flat Pond
Gull Pond Steady
Inner Big Pond
Inner Bottom Pond
Inner Long Pond
Inside Bottom Pond
Island Pond
Jerrys Pond
Jim Vincent Pond
Jim Vincents Pond
Lewis Pond
Little Pond
Little Pond
Long Cat Path
Long Pond
Long Pond
Long Steady
Lower Long Pond
Narrows Pond
Nedys Hole Pond
Nedys Hole Pond
Outer Big Pond
Outer Long Pond
Parsons Pond
Rocky Pond
Round Steady
Sandy Pond
Side Camp Pond
St. Pauls Big Pond
St. Pauls Long Pond
Steady Pond
The Barachois
The Steady
Triangle Pond
Two Mile Pond
Wallaces Pond
Western Brook Pond
Western Hill Pond

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Mountains

Eastern Brook Mountains
Hungry Hill
Jim Vincents Lookout
Long Range Mountains
Parsons Pond Hill
Rock Cut
The Elephant
Western Brook Hill
Western Hill

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Conservation areas

Gros Morne National Park of Canada
Gros Morne National Park World Heritage Site
Parc national du Canada du Gros-Morne
Site du patrimoine mondial du Parc national du Gros-Morne

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Plains

The Crossing Place
The Crossing Place

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Rivers

Alex Brook
Black Brook
East Brook
Eastern Arm Brook
Eastern Arm Brook East Branch
Eastern Arm Brook North Branch
Eastern Brook
Little Brook
Little Pond Gulch
Middle Brook
Otter Brook
Overfall Brook
Parsons Pond River
Pork Cake Brook
Slants River
St. Pauls River
Stanford River
Wallaces Gulch
West Brook
Western Brook

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Shoals

Evangeline Banks
Indrie Rock
Shag Rock
The Whaleback
Tortoise Rock

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Towns

Cow Head
St. Pauls

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Gulls Marsh
Three Mile Rock

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Valleys

Big Gulch
Bottom Gulch
Daniels Gulch
Eastern Brook Gulch
Jim Paynes Gulch
Mare Gulch
Nedys Hole Gulch
Rainy Gulch
Turnback Gulch
Western Hill Gulch

St Pauls Inlet Topo Map: Low vegetation

Big Mish
Gulls Marsh
Partridge Berry Barrens
Sandy Barren
Yellow Marsh
St Pauls Inlet Topographic map 012H13 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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