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024K12 Tasiujaq Topo Map

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Tasiujaq Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 024K12 Tasiujaq:

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Bays

Anse Akunnaijarvik
Anse du Comptoir
Anse Suvalivinirniavik
Baie du Centre
Baie Kangirsinialuk
Baie Profonde
Baie Rouge
Baie Sèche
Baie Ungavatuaq
Baie Ungavatuarusik
Baie Ungavatuarusiq
Deep Harbour
Mouillage Siillaviit
Trading Post Cove

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Beaches

Estran Tininganiarvik
Grève Qamanialuup Paanga
Grève Umiirivik

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Miscellaneous campsites

Camp Akunnaijarvik
Camp Innaarualuk
Camp Nuluarniavikallak
Camp Nunaturlik
Camp Qikirtaguluk
Camp Siillaviit
Camp Tasikutaaq Siqinirsiq
Camp Tasikutaaq Tarrasiq
Camp Ujarasujjulik
Camp Ukunngaalik
Camp Ungavatuarusik
Camps Tasialuk
Camps Tasikutaaq

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Capes

Pointe Bernard-Shaw
Pointe Copper
Pointe de la Jauge
Pointe Gauge
Pointe Kanniq
Pointe Lajus
Pointe Muddy
Pointe Nuvukutaaq
Pointe Nuvukutaaq
Pointe Sirmisarniavik
Pointe Sirmisartavik
Pointe Tulariaq
Pointe Umiakkuvik
Pointe Ungavatuap Nuvukutaanga

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Channels

Passe Ikirasaq
Passe Umiakkuvik

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Cliffs

Falaise Innaarualuk
Falaise Innaarualuk
Falaise Innarualuk

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Falls

Chute Qurlutukallak

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Islands

Île Qikirtaguluk
Île Qikirtakallaaluk
Île Qikirtakutaaq
Île Retty
Île Rowe
Île Siillavik
Île Ummanaq
Îles Pikiuliruluit
Îles Qikirtaapiguluuk
Îles Radisson

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Lakes

Lac Aananniavik
Lac Arnatalik
Lac aux Feuilles
Lac Bouchard
Lac Céline
Lac Innaarulik
Lac Innaaruliup Qamaniapinga
Lac Ippikutaaq
Lac Iqaluliapik
Lac Isiuralittaalik
Lac Larochelle
Lac Lasalle
Lac Makimmataliup
Lac Marruinalik
Lac Nuluarniavikallak
Lac Qamanikutaaq
Lac Qangattajuuvinirtalik
Lac Qirnitaaralik
Lac Raby
Lac Sanguilupik
Lac Sanguipiluk
Lac Tasialuk
Lac Tasiguluk
Lac Tasikallaapik
Lac Tasikallaguluk
Lac Tasikallak
Lac Tasikallak
Lac Tasikkuminai
Lac Tasikkuminait
Lac Tasikutaaq
Lac Tuurngatalialuk
Lac Ukunngaalik
Lacs Qamaniik
Petit lac Qamanikallak
Petit lac Sanguipiluk
Petit lac Tasiguluk
Petit lac Tasikallak

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Marine navigation features

Débarcadère Akunnaijarvik

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Miscellaneous

Centrale de Tasiujaq
Poste de Tasiujaq

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Mountains

Butte Qarqakallaguluk
Buttes Qarqakallaak
Buttes Qarqakutaat
Colline Igalaalik
Colline Innaarulik
Colline Iqaluliapik
Colline Qalialuk
Colline Qangattajuungujaaluk
Colline Qarqagulualuk
Colline Qarqaguluk
Colline Qarqakallak
Colline Qarqakutaaq
Colline Qurlutukallak
Colline Tasikkuminai
Colline Ungavatuaq
Collines Qajaq
Collines Qamanialuk
Collines Qikirtalik
Collines Tasialuk
Mont Ukunngaalik

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Rivers

Rivière aux Feuilles
Rivière aux Phoques
Rivière Bérard
Rivière Chioac
Rivière Chioack
Rivière Compeau
Rivière Conefroy
Rivière Deharveng
Rivière Finger
Rivière Harveng
Rivière Sanirqitik
Rivière Tasikkuminai
Rivière Ungavatuarusik
Rivière Ungavatuarusiq
Ruisseau Sunny

Tasiujaq Topo Map: River features

Coude Sangummaq

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Shoals

Récif Long

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Leaf Bay

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Valleys

Vallée Kuurualuk

Tasiujaq Topo Map: Villages

Tasiujaq Topographic map 024K12 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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