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041J01 Spanish Topo Map

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Spanish Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 041J01 Spanish:

Spanish Topo Map: Bays

Aird Bay
Andrews Cove
Baker's Bay
Beattie Bay
Beatty Bay
Bedford Harbour
Boomcamp Bay
Brennan Harbour
Buckmiller Bay
Buswell Bay
Cameron Bight
Carling Bay
Clapperton Harbour
Coursol Bay
Cutknife Cove
Dreamer's Bay
Fox Harbour
Frenchman Bay
Houghton Bay
Indian Cove
John's Bay
Logan Bay
Long Bay
McBean Harbour
Oak Bay
Perch Bay
Preston Cove
Reedy Bay
Shoepack Bay
Snug Cove
Strange Bay
Toulouse Bay
Vance Bay
Vivian Cove
Wigwam Cove
Wise Cove
Wyatt Bay

Spanish Topo Map: Beaches

Landing Beach

Spanish Topo Map: Capes

Arnold Point
Ashmead Point
Baker Point
Batoche Point
Baxter Point
Beaudry Point
Black Fly Point
Blackstone Point
Bobcong Point
Buswell Point
Camping Point
Carleton Point
Carling Point
Cartwright Point
Craftsman Point
Deep Point
Ellis Point
Fish Creek Point
Forwood Point
Galbraith Point
Gillmor Point
Gisborne Point
Graham Point
Gulnare Point
Harrison Point
Hesson Point
Indian John Point
Jacob Point
Jones Point
Kenny Point
King Point
Landry Point
Lang's Point
Lyon Point
Magee Point
North Point
Oak Point
Patterson Point
Pinchgut Point
Porter Point
Proudfoot Point
Ritchie Point
Robinson Point
Robitaille Point
Royal Point
Rykert Point
Sagamok Point
Sandfield Point
Secord Point
Sénécal Point
Solomon Point
Strange Point
Straubenzee Point
Todd Point
Trow Point
Wilson Point
Wise Point

Spanish Topo Map: Channels

Little Detroit
Main Passage
McBean Channel
North Channel
Rush Channel
Whalesback Channel

Spanish Topo Map: Geographical areas


Spanish Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Réserve indienne Sagamok 5
Réserve indienne Serpent River 7
Réserve indienne Spanish River 5
Sagamok 5
Sagamok Indian Reserve 5
Serpent River Indian Reserve 7
Spanish River Indian Reserve 5

Spanish Topo Map: Islands

Abigail Island
Aird Island
Amedroz Island
Anchor Island
Armour Island
Bacon Island
Barren Island
Bears Back Island
Bedford Island
Belleau Island
Benjamin Islands
Beverly Island
Black Island
Blake Island
Bourinot Island
Boyd Island
Brewerton Island
Brown Island
Channel Island
Clapperton Island
Conmee Island
Courtney Island
Crawford Island
Croker Island
Crooks Island
Dalrymple Island
Darch Island
Dennis Islands
Eagle Island
East Rous Island
Egg Island
Elm Island
Fawcett Island
Ferguson Islands
Five Islands
Fletcher Islands
Forbes Island
Fox Island
Frechette Island
Fréchette Island
Frenchman Island
Galt Island
Gavazzi Island
Gervase Island
Green Island
Hagarty Islands
Harbour Island
Hawkins Island
Helen Island
Hog Island
Hook Island
Hoskin Islands
Hotham Island
Innes Island
Irwin Island
Jackson Island
Jamieson Island
Kirke Island
Klotz Island
Landerkin Island
Lapointe Islands
Laurier Island
Lee Island
Lewin Island
Linter Island
Lister Island
Logan Island
Louisa Island
Mary Island
Matheson Island
McTavish Island
Middleton Islands
North Benjamin Island
O'Connor Island
Ogilvie Island
Osler Island
Otter Islands
Papineau Island
Pardee Islands
Passage Island
Power Island
Round Island
Sampson Islands
Schultz Island
Secretary Island
Shanly Island
South Benjamin Island
Spider Island
Spilsbury Islands
Sproule Islands
St. Just Islands
Stewart Island
Stisted Island
The Sow
Thomas Island
Tomlinson Islands
Tupper Island
Vankoughnet Island
Villiers Island
West Rous Island
Whiteaves Island
Wilfrid Island

Spanish Topo Map: Lakes

Black Bass Lake
Black Lake
Caibaiosai Lake
Camp Lake
Clear Lake
Crab Lake
Denvic Lake
Forestry Lake
Grassy Lake
Island Lake
Kecil Lake
Kenabigoons Lake
Kenabigoons Lake
La Cloche Lake
Little La Cloche Lake
Lizard Lake
Long Lake
Manido Lake
McCormick Lake
Mike's Lake
Mink Lake
Nadawe Lake
Owl Lake
Serpent Lake
Shedden Lake
Smith Lake
Star Lake
Sugar Lake
Toria Lake
Tube Lake
Wahsesee Lake
Walford Lake
West Lake
West Mink Lake

Spanish Topo Map: Mountains

Cloche Mountains
La Cloche Mountains
Mount McBean
Mount Victoria
Post Hill
Round Hill
West Knob

Spanish Topo Map: Other municipal/district area - miscellaneous

Sables-Spanish Rivers
Salter, May and Harrow
The North Shore
The Spanish River

Spanish Topo Map: Conservation areas

Brennan Harbour Conservation Reserve
Chutes Provincial Park
La Cloche Provincial Park

Spanish Topo Map: Rapids

Seven Sisters Rapids

Spanish Topo Map: Rivers

Black Creek
Clapperton Channel
Heffler Creek
Indian Channel
La Cloche Creek
Little Serpent River
McKinnon Creek
River aux Sables
Rivière La Cloche
Serpent River
Spanish River

Spanish Topo Map: Shoals

Arnold Rock
Bald Rock
Banshee Rock
Bears Back Shoal
Bedford Island Reef
Belcher Rock
Billa Rocks
Booth Rocks
Boulder Bank
Bourinot Reef
Bower Rock
Casey Shoal
Casgrain Rock
Charlton Shoal
Chatwin Rock
Courtney Bank
Curran Rock
East Rock
Ethel Rock
Evangeline Patch
Fleming Bank
Flint Rocks
Griffin Bank
Gull Rock
Hewett Shoal
Hiesordt Rocks
Hird Rock
Houghton Rocks
Howland Rocks
Jenkins Rock
Kaulbach Rock
Kenny Shoal
Labelle Reef
Lampey Rock
Lansdowne Rock
Lorne Rock
Lost Rock
Louisa Rocks
Lumsden Rock
Macpherson Ledge
Mann Rock
Mazeppa Rock
McRae Rock
Miall Patch
Nisbet Rock
North Shoal
Pacific Rock
Ritchie Rock
Robertson Rock
Rose Rocks
Secord Bank
Sow and Pigs
St. Paul Rock
Straubenzee Reef
Sullivan Patch
Symes Rock
Ten-Foot Rock
The Boars
Tilley Rock
Todd Shoal
Trow Point Shoal
Wallace Rock
West Rock
Western Reef

Spanish Topo Map: Towns

Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands

Spanish Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Brennan Harbour
Fort La Cloche
McBean Harbour
Spanish Mills
Walford Station

Spanish Topo Map: Valleys

The Notch

Spanish Topo Map: Low vegetation

Spanish Marsh
Spanish Topographic map 041J01 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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