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082F02 Creston Topo Map

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Creston Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082F02 Creston:

Creston Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Creston Indian Reserve 1
Lower Kootenay Indian Reserve 1A
Lower Kootenay Indian Reserve 1B
Lower Kootenay Indian Reserve 1C
Lower Kootenay Indian Reserve 2
Lower Kootenay Indian Reserve 3
Lower Kootenay Indian Reserve 4
Lower Kootenay Indian Reserve 5
Réserve indienne Creston 1
Réserve indienne Lower Kootenay 1A
Réserve indienne Lower Kootenay 1B
Réserve indienne Lower Kootenay 1C
Réserve indienne Lower Kootenay 2
Réserve indienne Lower Kootenay 3
Réserve indienne Lower Kootenay 4
Réserve indienne Lower Kootenay 5

Creston Topo Map: Islands

Nick Island
Nicks Island

Creston Topo Map: Lakes

Arkansas Lake
Boundary Lake
Duck Lake
French Slough
Kootenay Lake
Leach Lake
Nicks Slough
Six Mile Slough
Sixmile Slough

Creston Topo Map: Mountains

Columbia Mountains
Creston Mountain
Hulme Peak
John Bull Mountain
Kootenay Mountain
Kootenay Mountains
Mount Huscroft
Mount Irene
Mount Midgeley
Mount Rykert
Moyie Range
Nelson Range
North Star Mountain
Purcell Mountains
Selkirk Mountains
Wall Mountain
Wood Peak

Creston Topo Map: Rivers

Acorn Creek
Bayonne Creek
Benney Creek
Betts Creek
Blazed Creek
Blue Joe Creek
Bluebird Creek
Boulais Creek
Boundary Creek
Buckworth Creek
Carolina Creek
Char Creek
Corn Creek
David Creek
Deadhorse Creek
Dodd Creek
Dodds Creek
Dodge Creek
Drywash Creek
Duck Creek
East Branch Kootenay River
Elmo Creek
Ezekiel Creek
Glaser Creek
Glasier Creek
Goat River
Grady Creek
Huggard Creek
Jank Creek
Jefferd Creek
Jersey Creek
Joseph Creek
Kootenay River
Leppard Creek
Lewis Creek
Liddell Creek
Littlejohn Creek
Maryland Creek
McClelland Creek
McComb Creek
McLellan Creek
McLelland Creek
Meadow Creek
Midgeley Creek
Monk Creek
Moores Creek
More Creek
Musser Creek
Newington Creek
Next Creek
North Star Creek
Nun Creek
Okell Creek
Old Goat River Channel
Old Kootenay River Channel
Placer Creek
Porthill Creek
Shaw Creek
Simmonds Creek
Simmons Creek
Sirdar Creek
Summit Creek
Teetzel Creek
Tito Creek
Toby Creek
Topaz Creek
Upper Priest River
Urmston Creek
Whiskey Creek
Wilds Creek
Wittlea Creek
Wynndel Creek

Creston Topo Map: Towns


Creston Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Alice Siding
Duck Creek (Wynndel P.O.-B. de p.)

Creston Topo Map: Low vegetation

Corn Creek Marsh
Dale Marsh
Creston Topographic map 082F02 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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