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082N05 Glacier Topo Map

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Glacier Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082N05 Glacier:

Glacier Topo Map: Caves

Nakimu Caves

Glacier Topo Map: Falls

Bear Falls
Douglas Falls
Goat Falls
Gopher Falls
Whistler Falls

Glacier Topo Map: Glaciers

Cougar Glacier
Dismal Glacier
Durand Glacier
Durrand Glacier
Fang Glacier
Hermit Glacier
Hickson Glacier
Rogers Glacier
Shaughnessy Glacier
Sorcerer Glacier
Swiss Glacier
Tupper Glacier

Glacier Topo Map: Lakes

Downie Lake
Marion Lake
Ventego Lake

Glacier Topo Map: Mountains

Bagheera Mountain
Big Bend Ranges
Catamount Peak
Cheops Mountain
Christiana Ridge
Clachnacudainn Range
Columbia Mountains
Copper Peak
Copper Peaks
Corbin Peak
Cougar Mountain
Duncan Range
Fleming Peak
Grant Peak
Grey Fang
Grizzly Mountain
Hermit Mountain
Hermit Range
Iconoclast Mountain
Mount Anstey
Mount Baal
Mount Carson
Mount Durand
Mount Durrand
Mount Graham
Mount McGill
Mount McNicoll
Mount Moloch
Mount Pearce
Mount Rogers
Mount Shaughnessy
Mount Sifton
Mount Sissons
Mystic Mountain
Napoleon Spur
Nordic Mountain
Rogers Peak
Selkirk Mountains
Sorcerer Mountain
Swiss Peak
The Hermit
Truda Peaks
Tumbledown Mountain
Ursus Major Mountain
Ursus Minor Mountain
Wolverine Ridge

Glacier Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Columbia-Shuswap Regional District
Regional District of Kootenay-Boundary

Glacier Topo Map: Conservation areas

Glacier National Park of Canada
Lieu historique national du Canada du Col-Rogers
Parc national du Canada des Glaciers
Rogers Pass National Historic Site of Canada

Glacier Topo Map: Rivers

Alder Creek
Bachelor Creek
Benedict Creek
Carnes Creek
Casualty Creek
Connaught Creek
Cougar Brook
Cupola Creek
Cut Creek
Downie Creek
Fang Creek
Farm Creek
Holway Creek
Illecillewaet River
Loop Brook
Moloch Creek
Mountain Creek
Rogers Pass Creek
Shaughnessy Creek
Sorcerer Creek
Stoney Creek
Stony Creek
Sturdee Creek
Surprise Creek
Tangier River
Ursus Creek
Ventego Creek

Glacier Topo Map: Road features

Connaught Tunnel
Mount Macdonald Tunnel

Glacier Topo Map: Shoals

Fang Rock

Glacier Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Rogers Pass
Ross Peak

Glacier Topo Map: Valleys

Balu Pass
Bostock Pass
Bruins Pass
Cougar Pass
Farm Pass
McGill Pass
Rogers Pass
Sorcerer Pass
Tangier Pass
Glacier Topographic map 082N05 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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