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082N12 Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map

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Mount Sir Sandford Surrounding Area Topo Maps

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Mount Sir Sandford Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082N12 Mount Sir Sandford:

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Bays

Bush Arm
Esplanade Bay
Gold Arm
Robinson Bay
Succour Arm

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Capes

Robinson Point

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Glaciers

Adamant Glacier
Argentine Glacier
Argentine Glaciers
Austerity Glacier
Bear Glacier
Beaver Glacier
Belvedere Glacier
Centurion Glacier
Cornice Glacier
Cyclops Glacier
Duncan Glacier
Easy Glacier
Fria Glacier
Goat Glacier
Goldstream Névé
Gothics Glacier
Guardsman Glacier
Haworth Glacier
Palmer Glaciers
Pyrite Glacier
Redan Glacier
Silvertip Glacier
Silvertip Névé
Sir Sandford Glacier
Sonata Glacier
Sonata Névé
Triangle Névé
Twin Glaciers

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Lakes

Kinbasket Lake
Lake Lil
Sunbeam Lake

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Mountains

Adamant Mountain
Adamant Range
Alpina Dome
Argentine Mountain
Argonaut Mountain
Austerity Mountain
Azimuth Mountain
Azimuth Peak
Beaver Mountain
Belvedere Peak
Big Bend Ranges
Blackfriars Peaks
Centurion Mountain
Cherub Mountain
Citadel Mountain
Columbia Mountains
Cornice Peak
Cupola Mountain
Esplanade Range
Gibraltar Peak
Grand Mountain
Guardsman Mountain
Minaret Peak
Mount Damon
Mount Duncan
Mount Fria
Mount Holway
Mount Palmer
Mount Pythias
Mount Sir Sandford
Mount Stockmer
Mount Wotan
Novelist Mountain
Palisade Mountain
Pioneer Peak
Pyrite Ridge
Ravelin Mountain
Redan Mountain
Selkirk Mountains
Sentinel Peak
Sentry Mountain
Seraph Mountain
Shaw Peak
Silvertip Mountain
Sir Sandford Range
Sonata Mountain
The Footstool
The Gargoyle
The Gothics
The Horn
The Ironman
The Stickle
Triangle Mountain
Turret Peak
Unicorn Mountain
Ventego Mountain
Vidette Peak
Ygdrasil Mountain

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Columbia-Shuswap Regional District
Regional District of Kootenay-Boundary

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Rivers

Austerity Creek
Bachelor Creek
Benedict Creek
Carrol Creek
Colpitti Creek
Columbia River
Comedy Creek
Cupola Creek
Fleuve Columbia
Gold River
Goldstream River
Howard Creek
Mayvill Creek
Novelist Creek
Olafson Creek
Palmer Creek
Schlichting Creek
Spinster Creek
Stitt Creek
Succour Creek
Tabernacle Creek
Twilight Creek
Ventego Creek
Wisted Creek

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: River features

Columbia Reach

Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Unincorporated areas


Mount Sir Sandford Topo Map: Valleys

Austerity Pass
Azimuth Notch
Bachelor Pass
Fria Col
Friendship Col
Minaret Col
Moberly Pass
Palisade Pass
Pioneer Pass
Redan Pass
Rocky Mountain Trench
Silvertip Pass
Sir Sandford Pass
Mount Sir Sandford Topographic map 082N12 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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