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082O03 Canmore Topo Map

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Canmore Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082O03 Canmore:

Canmore Topo Map: Falls

Horseshoe Falls
Kananaskis Falls
Lower Spray Falls
Upper Spray Falls

Canmore Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Réserve indienne Stony 142-143-144
Stoney 142-143-144
Stony Indian Reserve 142-143-144

Canmore Topo Map: Lakes

Barrier Lake
Brokenleg Lake
Chilver Lake
Gap Lake
Goat Pond
Grassi Lakes
Grotto Mountain Pond
Johnson Lake
Lac des Arcs
Lake Minnewanka
McGillivray Pond
Stenton Lake
Two Jack Lake
Whitemans Pond

Canmore Topo Map: Mountains

Association Peak
Chinamans Peak
Copithorne Ridge
Door Jamb Mountain
Ehagay Nakoda
End Mountain
Exshaw Mountain
Fairholme Range
Goat Range
Grant MacEwan Peak
Grotto Mountain
Ha Ling Peak
Heart Mountain
Loder Peak
McConnell Ridge
Miners Peak
Montagnes Rocheuses
Mount Baldy
Mount Charles Stewart
Mount Girouard
Mount Inglismaldie
Mount Laurie
Mount Laurie (Îyâmnathka)
Mount Lawrence Grassi
Mount McGillivray
Mount Peechee
Mount Rundle
Orient Point
Pigeon Mountain
Princess Margaret Mountain
Rocky Mountain Foothills
Rocky Mountains
Saddle Peak
Sundance Range
The Three Sisters
Wind Ridge

Canmore Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Municipal District of Bighorn No. 8

Canmore Topo Map: Other municipal/district area - miscellaneous

Bighorn Improvement District No. 8
Improvement District No. 5
Improvement District No. 9
Kananaskis Improvement District

Canmore Topo Map: Conservation areas

Banff National Park of Canada
Bow Valley Provincial Park
Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park
Parc national du Canada Banff

Canmore Topo Map: Plains

Dead Man Flat
Indian Flat

Canmore Topo Map: Rivers

Bow River
Cairnes Creek
Canmore Creek
Carrot Creek
Cascade River
Exshaw Creek
Fall Creek
Ghost River
Goat Creek
Jura Creek
Kananaskis River
Lusk Creek
Marsh Creek
Old Fort Creek
Pigeon Creek
Policeman Creek
Smith Creek
South Ghost River
Spray River
Stewart Creek
Stones Canyon Creek
Stony Creek
Three Sisters Creek
West Wind Creek
Wind Creek
Wind Creek

Canmore Topo Map: Springs

Sulphur Spring

Canmore Topo Map: Towns


Canmore Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Dead Man's Flats
Harvie Heights
Lac des Arcs
Pigeon Mountain

Canmore Topo Map: Valleys

Jewell Pass
Canmore Topographic map 082O03 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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