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082O04 Banff Topo Map

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Banff Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082O04 Banff:

Banff Topo Map: Caves

Goat's Eye

Banff Topo Map: Cliffs

Monarch Ramparts

Banff Topo Map: Falls

Bow Falls
Talc Falls

Banff Topo Map: Lakes

Arnica Lake
Black Rock Lake
Bourgeau Lake
Citadel Lake
Egypt Lake
Eohippus Lake
Fatigue Lakes
Grizzly Lake
Haiduk Lake
Healy Lakes
Howard Douglas Lake
Larix Lake
Mule Shoe Lake
Mummy Lake
Pharaoh Lake
Pilot Pond
Rock Isle Lake
Scarab Lake
Shadow Lake
Smith Lake
Sphinx Lake
Sundown Lake
Talc Lake
Twin Lakes
Two Jack Lake
Vermilion Lakes

Banff Topo Map: Military areas

Banff Training Area
Champ de manoeuvre Banff

Banff Topo Map: Mountains

Ball Range
Ball Range
Brewster Rock
Cascade Mountain
Citadel Peak
Citadel Peak
Cockscomb Mountain
Copper Mountain
Eagle Mountain
Fatigue Mountain
Fatigue Mountain
Goat Range
Haiduk Peak
Haiduk Peak
Hawk Ridge
Lookout Mountain
Massive Mountain
Massive Range
Montagnes Rocheuses
Mount Bourgeau
Mount Brett
Mount Brewster
Mount Cory
Mount Edith
Mount Fifi
Mount Howard Douglas
Mount Louis
Mount Norquay
Mount Rundle
Mount Shanks
Park Ranges
Pharaoh Peaks
Pilot Mountain
Quartz Hill
Quartz Hill
Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Sanson Peak
Sawback Range
Simpson Ridge
Standish Hump
Standish Hump
Standish Ridge
Standish Ridge
Stoney Squaw Mountain
Storm Mountain
Sulphur Mountain
Sundance Range
The Monarch
Tunnel Mountain
Twin Cairns
Twin Cairns
Vermilion Range
Vermillion Range
Wa-wa Ridge

Banff Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Regional District of East Kootenay

Banff Topo Map: Other municipal/district area - miscellaneous

Improvement District No. 9

Banff Topo Map: Conservation areas

Banff National Park of Canada
Banff Park Museum National Historic Site of Canada
Cave and Basin National Historic Site of Canada
Kootenay National Park of Canada
Lieu historique national du Canada Cave and Basin
Lieu historique national du Canada de la Station-d'Étude-des-Rayons-Cosmiques-du-Mont-Sulphur
Lieu historique national du Canada du Musée-du-Parc-Banff
Mount Assiniboine Park
Parc national du Canada Banff
Parc national du Canada Kootenay
Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site of Canada

Banff Topo Map: Plains

Wheeler Flats

Banff Topo Map: Provinces


Banff Topo Map: Rivers

Altrude Creek
Bow River
Brewster Creek
Cascade River
Douglas Creek
East Verdant Creek
Echo Creek
Eohippus Creek
Fatigue Creek
Forty Mile Creek
Goat Creek
Governor Creek
Haiduk Creek
Hawk Creek
Healy Creek
Howard Douglas Creek
Johnston Creek
Larix Creek
Lost Horse Creek
North Simpson River
Packer Creek
Pharaoh Creek
Ranger Creek
Redearth Creek
Simpson River
Spray River
Sundance Creek
Sunshine Creek
Verdant Creek
Verendrye Creek
Vermilion River
Whiskey Creek

Banff Topo Map: Towns


Banff Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Vermilion Crossing

Banff Topo Map: Valleys

Ball Pass
Ball Pass
Citadel Pass
Citadel Pass
Cory Pass
Fatigue Pass
Fatigue Pass
Gargoyle Valley
Gibbon Pass
Harvey Pass
Healy Pass
Johnston Canyon
Ranger Canyon
Redearth Pass
Redearth Pass
Simpson Pass
Simpson Pass
Sundance Canyon
Sundance Pass
Whistling Valley
Banff Topographic map 082O04 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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