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092C14 Barkley Sound Topo Map

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Barkley Sound Surrounding Area Topo Maps

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Barkley Sound Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 092C14 Barkley Sound:

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Bays

Alberni Inlet
Bamfield Inlet
Character Cove
Christie Bay
Crickitt Bay
Deadman Cove
Dodger Cove
Eagle Bay
Effingham Bay
Effingham Inlet
Entrance Anchorage
Fatty Basin
Grappler Inlet
Haggard Cove
Holford Bay
Island Harbour
Joes Bay
Keeha Bay
Kelp Bay
Mackenzie Anchorage
Marble Cove
Mayne Bay
Mud Cove
Numukamis Bay
Pachena Bay
Poett Nook
Port Alberni
Port Alberni Harbour
Port Désiré
Rainy Bay
Roquefeuil Bay
Sarita Bay
Smugglers Cove
Sproat Bay
Tapaltos Bay
Uchucklesit Inlet
Useless Inlet
Vernon Bay

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Beaches

Brady Beach
Breaker Beach
Equis Beach
Keeha Beach
Mabens Beach
Pachena Beach
Sechart Village Beach

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Capes

Aguilar Point
Allen Point
Bernard Point
Cape Beale
Chimmin Point
Chup Point
Clifton Point
Clutus Point
Crosse Point
Fullarton Point
Gattie Point
Green Point
Hamilton Point
Howard Point
Kirby Point
Kyen Point
Lawton Point
Lyall Point
Mills Peninsula
Mutine Point
Palmer Point
Pill Point
Self Point
Setsup Bluff
Voss Point
Whittlestone Point

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Channels

Barkley Sound
Boat Passage
Coaster Channel
David Channel
Dodger Channel
Felice Channel
Folger Passage
Hammond Passage
Harbour Entrance
Imperial Eagle Channel
Julia Passage
Junction Passage
Loudoun Channel
Macoah Passage
Middle Channel
Newcombe Channel
Peacock Channel
Robbers Passage
Satellite Passage
Sechart Channel
Shark Passage
Ship Channel
Thiepval Channel
Trevor Channel
Ugly Channel
Village Passage
Western Channel

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Cliffs

Bold Bluff
Foucault Bluff
Leading Bluff
Meares Bluff

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Ahmitsa Indian Reserve 5
Anacla Indian Reserve 12
Chenatha Indian Reserve 4
Chequis Indian Reserve 3
Cleho Indian Reserve 6
Clutus Indian Reserve 11
Cowishil Indian Reserve 1
Dochsupple Indian Reserve 3
Equis Indian Reserve 8
Haines Island Indian Reserve 8
Hamilton Point Indian Reserve 7
Keeshan Indian Reserve 9
Keith Island Indian Reserve 7
Kichha Indian Reserve 10
Kirby Point Indian Reserve 6
Macoah Indian Reserve 1
Masit Indian Reserve 13
Nettle Island Indian Reserve 5
Nuchaquis Indian Reserve 2
Numukamis Indian Reserve 1
Omoah Indian Reserve 9
Outs Indian Reserve 3
Réserve indienne Ahmitsa 5
Réserve indienne Anacla 12
Réserve indienne Chenatha 4
Réserve indienne Chequis 3
Réserve indienne Cleho 6
Réserve indienne Clutus 11
Réserve indienne Cowishil 1
Réserve indienne Dochsupple 3
Réserve indienne Haines Island 8
Réserve indienne Hamilton Point 7
Réserve indienne Keeshan 9
Réserve indienne Keith Island 7
Réserve indienne Kichha 10
Réserve indienne Kirby Point 6
Réserve indienne Macoah 1
Réserve indienne Masit 13
Réserve indienne Nettle Island 5
Réserve indienne Nuchaquis 2
Réserve indienne Numukamis 1
Réserve indienne Omoah 9
Réserve indienne Outs 3
Réserve indienne Sachawil 5
Réserve indienne Sachsa 4
Réserve indienne Tseoowa 4
Réserveindienne Equis 8
Sachawil Indian Reserve 5
Sachsa Indian Reserve 4
Tseoowa Indian Reserve 4

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Islands

Ahmah Island
Alma Russell Islands
Assists Island
Assits Island
Austin Island
Batley Island
Bauke Island
Beg Island
Beg Islands
Benson Island
Best Islet
Bordelais Islets
Boyson Islands
Brabant Island
Brabant Islands
Broken Group
Bryant Island
Bryant Islands
Burlo Island
Burts Island
Camblain Island
Canoe Island
Capstan Island
Castle Islet
Chain Group
Chain Islands
Chalk Island
Chrow Islands
Clarke Island
Congreve Island
Cooper Island
Cree Island
Curwen Island
Danvers Islet
David Island
Deer Group
Deer Islands
Dempster Island
Denne Island
Diana Island
Dicebox Island
Diplock Island
Dixon Island
Dodd Island
Drop Islet
Edward King Island
Effingham Island
Elbow Islet
Ellis Islet
Entrance Island
Erin Island
Faber Island
Faber Islets
Fleming Island
Folger Island
Food Islets
Forbes Island
Friend Island
Fry Island
Geer Islets
George Islet
Gibraltar Island
Gilbert Island
Glen Islet
Gowlland Island
Grassy Island
Green Islets
Haines Island
Hand Island
Hankin Island
Harold Islet
Hawkins Island
Helby Island
Hill Island
Hosie Islands
Howell Island
Hundred Islands
Île de Vancouver
Jane Island
Jaques Island
Jarvis Island
John Islet
Keith Island
Kelp Island
King Island
Larkins Island
Leach Islet
Link Island
Lovett Island
Marchant Island
Marchant Islet
Meade Islets
Mence Island
Moreton Island
Mullins Island
Nanat Islet
Nantes Island
Nettle Island
North Island
Ohiat Islet
Onion Island
Ottaway Islet
Owens Island
Page Island
Pigot Islets
Pinkerton Islands
Price Island
Prideaux Island
Protection Island
Puffin Island
Puffin Islet
Puzzle Island
Quoin Island
Ragged Islet
Rance Island
Randall Island
Raymond Island
Reef Islands
Reeks Island
Robbers Island
Robinson Island
Ross Islets
Round Island
Rowlands Island
Rowlands Islet
Rutley Islands
San Jose Islets
Sandford Island
Santa Maria Island
Seddall Island
Seppings Island
Shears Islands
Sisters Islands
Spilling Islet
St. Ines Island
Staff Islet
Stopper Islands
Storm Island
Stud Islets
Swiss Boy Island
Table Island
Taylor Islet
Tiny Group
Treble Islands
Trickett Island
Turner Island
Turner Islet
Turret Island
Turtle Island
Twin Islands
Tzartus Island
Vancouver Island
Walsh Island
Weld Island
Wiebe Island
Wilkins Islet
Williams Island
Willis Island
Wizard Islet
Wouwer Island

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Lakes

Black Lake
Calamity Lake
Cataract Lake
Crawford Lake
Frederick Lake
Haggard Lake
Holford Lake
Kichha Lake
Maggie Lake
Mercer Lake
Pachena Lake
Rosseau Lake
Sugsaw Lake

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Marine navigation features

Sarita Bay

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Mountains

Broughton Peaks
Mount Frederick
Mount Ozzard
Pachena Cone
Poett Heights
Somerset Range
Vancouver Island Mountains
Vancouver Island Ranges

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Regional District of Alberni-Clayoquot

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Conservation areas

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada
Réserve de parc national du Canada Pacific Rim

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Rivers

Black River
Canoe Pass Creek
Carnation Creek
Clonard Creek
Darling River
Hegstrom Creek
Holford Creek
Maggie River
Mercantile Creek
Michigan Creek
Pachena River
Poett Creek
Sarita River
Sugsaw Creek

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Road features

West Coast Trail

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Shoals

Adamson Rocks
Alley Rock
Baeria Rocks
Bird Rocks
Black Rock
Bull Rock
Channel Rock
Channel Rock
Christie Reef
Cia Rock
Combe Rock
Drum Rock
Drum Rocks
Edward Rock
Elbow Rocks
Eussen Rock
Fog Rock
Galley Rock
Great Bank
Great Bear Rock
Green Rocks
Heddington Reef
Hornby Rock
Janit Reef
Jupe Rock
Kooh Rock
Mahk Rock
Mara Rock
Milhus Rock
Miller Reef
North Rock
Pinder Rock
Pinnace Rock
Pinnacle Rock
Renate Reef
Richard Rock
Sail Rock
Sargison Bank
Seabird Rocks
Seapool Rocks
Shag Reef
Shag Rock
Single Rock
Starlight Reef
Starlight Reefs
Swale Rock
Sykes Reef
Sykes Reefs
Todd Rock
Tyler Rock
Verbeke Reef
Village Reef
Warner Rock
Western Reef

Barkley Sound Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Port Desire
Barkley Sound Topographic map 092C14 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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