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092F11 Forbidden Plateau Topo Map

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Forbidden Plateau Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 092F11 Forbidden Plateau:

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Bays

Boston Bay

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Capes

Old Camp Point

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: City


Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Geographical areas

Clayoquot Land District
Comox Land District
Nelson Land District
Newcastle Land District
Nootka Land District

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Glaciers

Aureole Icefield
Aureole Snowfield
Cliffe Glacier
Comox Glacier
Moving Glacier

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Pentledge Indian Reserve 2
Réserve indienne Pentledge 2

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Islands

Île de Vancouver
Stuart Wood Island
Vancouver Island

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Lakes

Aldermen Lakes
Allen Lake
Amphitheatre Lake
Anderson Lake
Arum Lake
Ash Pond
Aston Pond
Ball Lake
Battleship Lake
Beaufort Lake
Boston Lake
Capes Lake
Carey Lakes
Century Sam Lake
Charity Lake
Circlet Lake
Comox Lake
Cottingham Lake
Cougar Lake
Croteau Lake
Delight Lake
Divers Lake
Douglas Lake
Dove Lake
Drabble Lakes
Duncan Lake
Esther Lake
Faith Lake
Forbush Lake
Gem Lake
Gordon Wood Lake
Hairtrigger Lake
Hamilton Lake
Harris Lake
Hope Lake
Idiens Lake
Ink Lake
Jack Shark Lake
John Brown Lake
Johnson Lake
Johnston Lake
Kim Lake
Kooso Lake
Kwai Lake
Kwassun Lake
Lady Lake
Lake Beautiful
Lake Helen Mackenzie
Lunchtime Lake
Maple Lake
Mariwood Lake
McKenzie Lake
McPhee Lake
McQuillan Lake
Meadow Lake
Memory Lake
Milla Lake
Mirren Lake
Moat Lake
Netuts Lake
Nimnim Lake
Norm Lake
Panther Lake
Paradise Ponds
Pearl Lake
Pearse Lake
Pigeon Pond
Poum Lake
Ralph Lake
Rossiter Lake
Ruth Masters Lake
Seeam Lake
Silver Snag Lake
Simms Lake
Sunrise Lake
Tatsno Lakes
Teal Lake
Trout Lake
Tsable Lake
Tzela Lake
Wagner Lakes
Willemar Lake
Wolf Lake

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Mountains

Alexandra Peak
Alone Mountain
Argus Mountain
Augerpoint Mountain
Augurpoint Mountain
Beaufort Range
Black Cat Mountain
Boston Ridge
Capes Ridge
Castlecrag Mountain
Iceberg Peak
Indian Head Mountain
Indianhead Mountain
Jap Mountain
Jutland Mountain
Kookjai Mountain
Mitch Mountain
Mount Albert Edward
Mount Allan Brooks
Mount Becher
Mount Brooks
Mount Chief Frank
Mount Clifton
Mount Drabble
Mount Elma
Mount Frink
Mount George V
Mount Ginger Goodwin
Mount Harmston
Mount Hennessy
Mount Jutland
Mount Mitchell
Mount Regan
Mount Stubbs
Nikkei Mountain
Rees Ridge
Rough and Tumble Mountain
Strata Mountain
The Red Pillar
Tsable Mountain
Vancouver Island Mountains
Vancouver Island Ranges

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Comox Valley Regional District
Regional District of Alberni-Clayoquot
Regional District of Comox-Strathcona

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Conservation areas

Strathcona Park
Wood Mountain Ski Park

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Plains

Forbidden Plateau

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Rivers

Arden Creek
Ash River
Beaufort Creek
Beech Creek
Bloedel Creek
Boston Creek
Browns River
Capes Creek
Comox Creek
Cruickshank River
Cumberland Creek
Datsio Creek
Dove Creek
Eric Creek
First Supply Creek
Gem Creek
Ginger Goodwin Creek
Goodwin Creek
Goss Creek
Harding Creek
Headquarters Creek
Henshaw Creek
Idiens Creek
Idle Creek
Jackpot Creek
Karst Creek
Katlum Creek
Kweishun Creek
Millard Creek
Morrison Creek
Nellie Creek
Nimnim Creek
Norm Creek
Oyster River
Paradise Creek
Pearce Creek
Perseverance Creek
Piercy Creek
Piggott Creek
Portuguese Creek
Puntledge River
Ralph River
Ramparts Creek
Red Pillar Creek
Rees Creek
Shepherd Creek
Siokum Creek
Supply Creek
Toma Creek
Tremain Creek
Trent River
Tsable River
Tsolum River
Wattaway Creek
Willemar Creek

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Mount Washington

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Valleys

Comox Gap
Cruickshank Canyon
Lone Tree Pass

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Low vegetation

McKenzie Meadows
Murray Meadows
Paradise Meadows
Slingshot Meadows
Wattaway Meadows
Whiskey Meadows

Forbidden Plateau Topo Map: Villages

Forbidden Plateau Topographic map 092F11 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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