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092G12 Sechelt Inlet Topo Map

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Sechelt Inlet Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 092G12 Sechelt Inlet:

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Bays

Brooks Cove
Buccaneer Bay
Frenchmans Cove
Gustafson Bay
Gustavson Bay
Halfmoon Bay
Lyons Cove
Misery Bay
Narrows Arm
Narrows Inlet
Ole's Cove
Pender Harbour
Porpoise Bay
Priestland Cove
Salmon Arm
Salmon Inlet
Sechelt Inlet
Secret Bay
Secret Cove
Seechelt Inlet
Smuggler Cove
Snake Bay
Square Bay
Storm Bay
Tillicum Bay
Wood Bay

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Capes

Carlson Point
Cawley Point
Chum Point
Derby Point
Four Mile Point
Fourmile Point
Highland Point
Jeddah Point
Kunechin Point
Mid Point
Newcomb Point
Nine Mile Point
Ninemile Point
Oaks Point
Piper Point
Roland Point
Sechelt Peninsula
Seechelt Peninsula
Skaiakos Point
Sockeye Point
Spípiyus Point
Steelhead Point
Thornhill Point
Tuwanek Point
Tzoonie Point
Wilbraham Point

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Channels

Malaspina Strait
Skookumchuck Narrows
Tzoonie Narrows
Welcome Pass
Welcome Passage

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Cliffs

Black Bear Bluff

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: District municipality


Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Boulder Island Indian Reserve 25
Klaalth Indian Reserve 5
Oalthkyim Indian Reserve 4
Réserve indienne Boulder Island 25
Réserve indienne Klaalth 5
Réserve indienne Oalthkyim 4
Réserve indienne Shannon Creek 28
Réserve indienne Skookumchuck 27
Réserve indienne Smeshalin 18
Réserve indienne Tchahchelailthtenum 10
Shannon Creek Indian Reserve 28
Skookumchuck Indian Reserve 27
Smeshalin Indian Reserve 18
Tchahchelailthtenum Indian Reserve 10

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Islands

Boom Islet
France Islet
Grant Island
Halfway Islet
Isle Capri
Jack Tolmie Island
Kunechin Islets
Lamb Islets
North Thormanby Island
Rapid Islet
Sechelt Islets
Seechelt Islets
Skookum Island
South Thormanby Island
Surrey Islands
Thormanby Islands
Turnagain Island

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Lakes

Batchelor Lake
Brown Lake
Carlson Lake
Chapman Lake
Clowhom Lake
Clowhom Lakes
Crowston Lake
Edwards Lake
Gilbert Lake
Halfmoon Bay Lake
Harris Lake
Irvine Lake
Killarney Lake
Klein Lake
Lyon Lake
McNeill Lake
North Lake
Richardson Lake
Ruby Lake
Sakinaw Lake
Tannis Lake
Trout Lake
Waugh Lake

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Mountains

Caren Range
Chaîne Côtière
Coast Mountains
Colquhoun Peak
Earle Range
Mount Crucil
Mount Hallowell
Mount Irvine
Mount Richardson
Mount Steele
Pacific Ranges
Panther Peak
Spípiyus Peak
Tetrahedron Peak

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Other municipal/district area - miscellaneous

Boulder Island SB 25
Klaalth SB 5
Oalthkyim SB 4
Shannon Creek SB 28
Skookumchuck SB 27
Smeshalin SB 18
Tchahchelailthtenum SB 10

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Conservation areas

Garden Bay Marine Park
Mount Richardson Park
Porpoise Bay Park
Sechelt Inlets Marine Park
Sechelt Inlets Marine Recreation Area
Simson Marine Park
Simson Park
Skookumchuck Narrows Park
Skookumchuck Park
Smuggler Cove Marine Park
Spipiyus Park
Tetrahedron Park

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Rapids

Sechelt Rapids
Seechelt Rapids

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Rivers

Anderson Creek
Angus Creek
Bear Creek
Burnet Creek
Burnett Creek
Carlson Creek
Chapman Creek
Clowhom River
Dakota Creek
Earle Creek
Gray Creek
Halfmoon Creek
Haslam Creek
Homesite Creek
Irvine Creek
Kenyon Creek
Klein Creek
Kleindale Creek
McNair Creek
Misery Creek
Myers Creek
Rainy River
Ruby Creek
Sechelt Creek
Seechelt Creek
Silversands Creek
Storm Creek
Thornhill Creek
Wakefield Creek

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Shoals

Four Mile Shoal
Fourmile Shoal
Tattenham Ledge

Sechelt Inlet Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Halfmoon Bay
Sechelt Indian Government District
Secret Cove
Vaucroft Beach
Sechelt Inlet Topographic map 092G12 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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