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092G13 Jervis Inlet Topo Map

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Jervis Inlet Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 092G13 Jervis Inlet:

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Bays

Agamemnon Bay
Dark Cove
Goliath Bay
Granville Bay
Hotham Sound
Jervis Inlet
Killam Bay
Narrows Inlet
Sechelt Inlet
Secret Bay
Vancouver Bay

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Capes

Dacres Point
Egmont Point
Foley Head
Nile Point
Sechelt Peninsula

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Channels

Agamemnon Channel
Agnew Passage
Skookumchuck Narrows

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Cliffs

Moorsam Bluff
Saumarez Bluff

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Falls

Harmony Falls

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Chickwat Indian Reserve 9
Egmont Indian Reserve 26
Klayekwim Indian Reserve 6
Klayekwim Indian Reserve 6A
Klayekwim Indian Reserve 7
Klayekwim Indian Reserve 8
Réserve indienne Chickwat 9
Réserve indienne Egmont 26
Réserve indienne Klayekwim 6
Réserve indienne Klayekwim 6A
Réserve indienne Klayekwim 7
Réserve indienne Klayekwim 8
Réserve indienne Skwawkweehm 17
Skwawkweehm Indian Reserve 17

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Islands

Captain Island
East Point Islet
Miller Islet
Nelson Island
Sutton Islets
Sydney Island

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Lakes

Bear Lake
Falk Lake
Freil Lake
Misery Lake
Phantom Lake
Saumarez Lake
Tatlow Lake
Tyson Lakes
Tzoonie Lake

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Mountains

Chaîne Côtière
Coast Mountains
Earle Range
Marlborough Heights
Mount Calder
Mount Churchill
Mount Drew
Mount Foley
Mount Louie
Mount Spencer
Mount Sumner
Pacific Ranges
Tzoonie Mountain

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District
Sunshine Coast Regional District

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Other municipal/district area - miscellaneous

Chickwat SB 9
Egmont SB 26
Klayekwim SB 6
Klayekwim SB 6A
Klayekwim SB 7
Klayekwim SB 8
Skwawkweehm SB 17

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Rivers

Ashlu Creek
Bear Creek
Chickwat Creek
Clowhom River
Earle Creek
Falk Creek
Freil Creek
Glacial Creek
High Creek
Lapan Creek
Misery Creek
Perketts Creek
Ramona Creek
Stakawus Creek
Tatlow Creek
Treat Creek
Tyson Creek
Tzoonie River
Vancouver River

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: River features

Prince of Wales Reach
Princess Royal Reach

Jervis Inlet Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Sechelt Indian Government District
Jervis Inlet Topographic map 092G13 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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