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092I13 Pavilion Topo Map

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Pavilion Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 092I13 Pavilion:

Pavilion Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Bridge River Indian Reserve 1
Bridge River Indian Reserve 2
Dry Salmon Indian Reserve 7
Fountain Indian Reserve 10
Fountain Indian Reserve 1A
Fountain Indian Reserve 2
Fountain Indian Reserve 3
Fountain Indian Reserve 3A
Kelly Creek Indian Reserve 3
Leon Creek Indian Reserve 2
Leon Creek Indian Reserve 2A
Lower Hat Creek Indian Reserve 2
Marble Canyon Indian Reserve 3
Pavilion Indian Reserve 1
Pavilion Indian Reserve 1A
Pavilion Indian Reserve 3A
Pavilion Indian Reserve 4
Réserve indienne Bridge River 1
Réserve indienne Bridge River 2
Réserve indienne Dry Salmon 7
Réserve indienne Fountain 10
Réserve indienne Fountain 1A
Réserve indienne Fountain 2
Réserve indienne Fountain 3
Réserve indienne Fountain 3A
Réserve indienne Kelly Creek 3
Réserve indienne Leon Creek 2
Réserve indienne Leon Creek 2A
Réserve indienne Lower Hat Creek 2
Réserve indienne Marble Canyon 3
Réserve indienne Pavilion 1
Réserve indienne Pavilion 1A
Réserve indienne Pavilion 3A
Réserve indienne Pavilion 4
Réserve indienne Upper Hat Creek 1
Upper Hat Creek Indian Reserve 1

Pavilion Topo Map: Lakes

Aleece Lake
Crown Lake
Finney Lake
Harman Lake
Harry Lake
Kelly Lake
Pavilion Lake
Pear Lake
Turquoise Lake

Pavilion Topo Map: Mountains

Camelsfoot Mountains
Camelsfoot Range
Chaîne Côtière
Chilcotin Ranges
Clear Mountains
Clear Range
Coast Mountains
Hart Ridge
Marble Mountains
Marble Range
Mount Carson
Mount Carson
Mount Cole
Mount Martley
Pacific Ranges
Pavilion Mountain
Pavilion Mountains
Pavilion Range
Trachyte Hills
Tsilsalt Ridge

Pavilion Topo Map: Conservation areas

Downing Park
Harry Lake Aspen Park
Marble Canyon Park

Pavilion Topo Map: Plains

Interior Plateau
Thompson Plateau

Pavilion Topo Map: Rapids

Bridge River Rapids

Pavilion Topo Map: Rivers

Allen Creek
Ama Creek
Blackhill Creek
Bridge River
Cavanagh Creek
Chipuin Creek
Clark Creek
Farrar Creek
Felix Creek
Finney Creek
Fraser River
Gallagher Creek
Gibbs Creek
Gillon Creek
Hambrook Creek
Hat Creek
Keatley Creek
Kelly Creek
Kettle Brook
Lee Creek
Leon Creek
Little Leon Creek
Maiden Creek
Maria Creek
McKay Creek
Medicine Creek
Milkranch Creek
Minch Creek
Moon Creek
Pavilion Creek
Robertson Creek
Sallus Creek
Skwish Creek
Slok Creek
Tiffin Creek
Two Spring Creek

Pavilion Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Arden Park
Glen Fraser

Pavilion Topo Map: Valleys

Marble Canyon
Pavilion Topographic map 092I13 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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