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092L03 Kyuquot Topo Map

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Kyuquot Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 092L03 Kyuquot:

Kyuquot Topo Map: Bays

Amai Inlet
Barter Cove
Cachalot Inlet
Centre Cove
Chamiss Bay
Clanninick Cove
Dixie Cove
Easy Inlet
Fair Harbour
Hankin Cove
Jansen Bay
Kamils Anchorage
Kashutl Inlet
Kokshittle Arm
Malksope Inlet
McKay Cove
Monteith Bay
Ououkinsh Inlet
Tahsish Arm
Tahsish Inlet
Walters Cove
Werner Bay
Wood Cove
Yaku Bay

Kyuquot Topo Map: Capes

Amai Point
Balcom Point
Chamiss Point
Chatchannel Point
Guillod Point
Hohoae Point
Machta Point
Malksope Point
Markale Peninsula
Markale Point
McGrath Point
McLean Point
Moketas Point
Unsworth Point
Upsowis Point
Village Point

Kyuquot Topo Map: Channels

Brown Channel
Crowther Channel
Eelstow Passage
Kyuquot Channel
Kyuquot Sound
Markale Passage
Nicolaye Channel
Pinnace Channel

Kyuquot Topo Map: Cliffs

Kayouk Bluff
Trapp Bluff

Kyuquot Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Ahmacinnit Indian Reserve 3
Amai Indian Reserve 15
Artlish Indian Reserve 12
Chamiss Indian Reserve 7
Granite Island Indian Reserve 4
Hisnit Indian Reserve 4
Houpsitas Indian Reserve 6
Kaoowinch Indian Reserve 10
Kaouk Indian Reserve 13
Kashittle Indian Reserve 9
Kayouk Indian Reserve 8
Machta Indian Reserve 16
Malksope Indian Reserve 7
Markale Indian Reserve 14
Mission Island Indian Reserve 2
Ououkinsh Indian Reserve 5
Réserve indienne Ahmacinnit 3
Réserve indienne Amai 15
Réserve indienne Artlish 12
Réserve indienne Chamiss 7
Réserve indienne Granite Island 4
Réserve indienne Hisnit 4
Réserve indienne Houpsitas 6
Réserve indienne Kaoowinch 10
Réserve indienne Kaouk 13
Réserve indienne Kashittle 9
Réserve indienne Kayouk 8
Réserve indienne Machta 16
Réserve indienne Malksope 7
Réserve indienne Markale 14
Réserve indienne Mission Island 2
Réserve indienne Ououkinsh 5
Réserve indienne Tahsish 11
Réserve indienne Upsowis 6
Réserve indienne Village Island 1
Réserve indienne Yakats 5
Tahsish Indian Reserve 11
Upsowis Indian Reserve 6
Village Island Indian Reserve 1
Yakats Indian Reserve 5

Kyuquot Topo Map: Islands

Ahmacinnit Island
Aktis Island
Amos Island
Barrier Islands
Bunsby Islands
Christine Island
Chutsis Island
Copp Island
Expedition Islets
Hisnit Islands
Hohoae Island
Île de Vancouver
Kamils Island
Karouk Island
Kon Tiki Island
Lookout Island
McLean Island
Meyer Island
Mission Group
Mission Islands
Moketas Island
Okime Island
Rolston Island
Sobry Island
Spring Island
Surprise Island
Thomas Island
Tree Island
Union Island
Vancouver Island
Walters Island
Whiteley Island

Kyuquot Topo Map: Lakes

Jansen Lake
Power Lake
Silburn Lake
Soatwoon Lake
Union Lake
Welch Lakes

Kyuquot Topo Map: Mountains

False Ears
Family Humps
Garibaldi Peaks
Harold Hill
Mount Paxton
Mount Renwick
Slate Mountain
Snow Saddle Mountain
Snowsaddle Mountain
St. Pauls Dome
Vancouver Island Mountains
Vancouver Island Ranges

Kyuquot Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Regional District of Comox-Strathcona
Regional District of Mount Waddington

Kyuquot Topo Map: Conservation areas

Dixie Cove Marine Park
Dixie Cove Park
Tahsish-Kwois Park

Kyuquot Topo Map: Rivers

Amai Creek
Artlish River
British Creek
Chamiss Creek
Clanninick Creek
Kaouk River
Kashutl River
Kauwinch River
Kauwinch River
Kayouk Creek
Kwois Creek
Malksope River
Marble River
Ououkinsh River
Power River
Soatwoon Creek
St. Pauls Dome Creek
Tahsish River
Traill Creek

Kyuquot Topo Map: Shoals

Channel Rock
Channel Rocks
Chief Rock
Cole Rock
Gayward Rock
Louise Rock
Minx Rocks
Warren Rocks
Yakats Rock

Kyuquot Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Amai Creek
Chamiss Bay
Fair Harbour
Kyuquot Topographic map 092L03 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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