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092L04 Brooks Peninsula Topo Map

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Brooks Peninsula Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 092L04 Brooks Peninsula:

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Bays

Ambrosia Bay
Aster Bay
Battle Bay
Brooks Bay
Checleset Bay
Columbia Cove
Drift Whale Bay
Guilliams Bay
Hackett Bay
Klaskish Anchorage
Klaskish Inlet
Nasparti Inlet

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Capes

Acous Peninsula
Brooks Peninsula
Cape Cook
Cautious Point
Clerke Point
Green Head
Izard Point
Jackobson Point
Lorenz Point
Mahope Point
Orchard Point
Pinnacle Point
Sapir Point
Theodore Point

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Channels

Gay Passage

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Acous Indian Reserve 1
Checkaklis Island Indian Reserve 9
Hub-toul Indian Reserve 2A
Klaskish Indian Reserve 3
Mahope Indian Reserve 3
Quin-e-ex Indian Reserve 8
Réserve indienne Acous 1
Réserve indienne Checkaklis Island 9
Réserve indienne Hub-toul 2A
Réserve indienne Klaskish 3
Réserve indienne Mahope 3
Réserve indienne Quin-e-ex 8
Réserve indienne Upsowis 6
Upsowis Indian Reserve 6

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Islands

Barrier Islands
Bonner Islet
Bunsby Islands
Checkaklis Island
Clara Islet
Clerke Islet
Crabapple Islets
Cuttle Islets
Donald Islets
Guilliams Island
Hackett Island
Hat Island
McDougal Island
O'Leary Islets
Scarf Island
Shelter Island
Skirmish Islets
Solander Island
The Haystacks
Vancouver Island
Yule Island

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Lakes

Andromeda Lake
Canoe Lake
Cape Cook Lagoon
Cassiope Pond
Cladothamnus Lake
Drosera Lake
Empetrum Lake
Gaultheria Lake
Gentiana Lake
Johnson Lagoon
Kalmia Lake
Ledum Lake
Loiseleuria Lake
Menziesia Lake
Moneses Lake
Oxycoccus Lake
Phyllodoce Lake
Pyrola Lake
Vaccinium Lake

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Mountains

Button Peak
Byers Cone
Doom Mountain
Harris Peak
Lagoon Peak
Mount Seaton
Nunatak Mountain
Ragged Cone
Refugium Range
Saxifraga Mountain
Shields Cone
Vancouver Island Mountains
Vancouver Island Ranges

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Regional District of Comox-Strathcona
Regional District of Mount Waddington

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Conservation areas

Big Bunsby Marine Park
Big Bunsby Park
Brooks Peninsula Park
Brooks Peninsula Recreation Area

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Rivers

Amos Creek
Amos River
Canoe Creek
Cladothamnus Creek
East Creek
Gold Creek
Harris Creek
Kalmia Creek
Kingfisher Creek
Marks Creek
Menziesia Creek
Nordstrom Creek
Romanzoffia Creek
Scramble Creek

Brooks Peninsula Topo Map: Shoals

Baker Rock
Banks Reef
Boit Rock
Clerke Reefs
Cutler Rock
East Rock
Eldridge Rock
Fairway Rock
Ferey Rock
Longback Rocks
McKiel Rock
Mile Rock
Quineex Reef
Sulivan Reefs
Yule Rock
Brooks Peninsula Topographic map 092L04 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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