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What does Provisional Print mean?

Provisional Prints

Certain topographic maps produced by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) contain a "Provisional Print" watermark in the lower left corner of the map. These maps have been printed by local Regional Distribution Centres and Certified Map Printers from digital files provided by NRCan. The maps bearing this watermark are authentic copies of NRCan topographic maps, and generally have been subject to preliminary quality control processes by NRCan. Minor adjustments to shades/colours may be required to improve the print quality if necessary.

The addition of the Provisional Print watermark provides Regional Distribution Centres and Certified Map Printers with the ability to quickly evaluate the printing quality in order to respond to requests from map dealers and end users. If the print quality is deemed insufficient, the digital file will be adjusted by NRCan. Currently, only maps that sell in low volumes carry the Provisional Print watermark.

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