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Yarmouth Satellite Image Map

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Yarmouth Satellite Imagery

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020O16 Yarmouth high-resolution satellite image map.

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Yarmouth Surrounding Area Aerial Photo Maps

020O16 Yarmouth Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
020O09 Comeaus Hill Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
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Yarmouth Gazetteer

The following places can be found on satellite image map 020O16 Yarmouth:

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Bays

Alder Cove
Careys Cove
Green Cove
Inner False Bay
Inner False Harbour
John Cove
Johns Cove
Johnson Cove
Kelleys Cove
Kelly Cove
Lamonts Cove
Mill Creek
Mountain Island Creek
Outer False Bay
Outer False Harbour
Pembroke Cove
Perrys Creek
Sand Bay
Southwest Cove
The Churn
The Creek
Yarmouth Harbour
Yarmouth Sound

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Beaches

Chegoggin Flats
False Harbour Bar
False Harbour Beach
Kelp Hauler Shore
Lobster Bar
Pembroke Beach
Pitmans Beach
Port Maitland Beach
Stanwoods Beach

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Capes

Battery Point
Bay View Point
Bells Point
Bird Point
Burns Point
Cape Forchu
Cape Forchu (East Cape)
Cape Forchu (West Cape)
Cape Fourchu (East Cape)
Cape Fourchu (West Cape)
Carls Point
Chegoggin Point
Cranberry Point
Doanes Point
East Cape
Elders Head
Fish Point
Gunner Point
Gunners Point
Hemeons Point
High Head
Johnsons Point
Nickersons Point
Northern Peak
Pitmans Point
Potato Field Point
Red Head
Rum Nubble
Ships Stern
Southwest Point
Spruce Point
Sunday Point
West Cape
Wyman Head

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Channels

Back Channel
Main Channel
Pembroke Dyke
South Channel
Yarmouth Bar Channel

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Falls

Glovers Falls
Sweeneys Falls

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Geographical areas


Yarmouth Satellite Image: Indian Reserves

Yarmouth 33

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Islands

Baker Island
Bakers Island
Bear Island
Big Island
Blackberry Island
Bunker Island
Clements Island
Clemment Island
Doctor Island
Doctors Island
Jacco Island
Jacquard Island
Kayes Island
Kelley Island
Kelly Island
Little Bunker Island
Little Thrum Cap
Lovitts Island
Maple Island
Mountain Island
Nubble Island
Perry Island
Perrys Island
Rat Island
Sunny Slope Island
The Nubble
Thrum Cap
Tympanys Island
Websters Island

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Lakes

Agard Lake
Allen Lake
Allens Lake
Beaver Lake
Bells Ponds
Big Pond
Brazil Lake
Brenton Lake
Bunker Lake
Bunkers Lake
Butlers Lake
Chandler Lake
Chebogue Lake
Chegoggin Lake
Churchill Lake
Churchills Lake
Churchills Mill Lake
Coggins Lake
Darling Lake
Darlings Lake
Deveaus Pond
Doctor Lake
Doctors Lake
Duck Pond
Dunn Lake
Footes Pond
Goose Lake
Harris Lake
Island (Utley) Lake
Island Pond
Killam Lake
Killams Lake
Lake George
Lake Milo
Leapfrog Lake
Lily Lake
Little Brazil Lake
Little Lake
Little Plymouth Lake
Melbourne Lake
Milton Lake
Mud Lake
Pleasant Lake
Porcupine Lake
Porter Lake
Reubens Lake
Robbins Lake
Rodneys Lake
Rodney's Lake
Salmon Lake
Sandyland Ponds
Second Lake
Sunday Lake
Taylors Lake
The Salt Pond
Trefry Lake
Utley Lake
Wellington Lake

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Mountains

Crockers Hill
Holmes Hill
Holmes Hill
Hotel Hill
Pinkney Hill
Sidon Hill
Town Point

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations


Yarmouth Satellite Image: Conservation areas

Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park
Melbourne Lake Sanctuary
Port Maitland Beach Provincial Park

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Rivers

Annis River
Anthonys Creek
Broad Brook
Chebogue River
Chegoggin River
Cloverhill Brook
Coggins Brook
Cooks Creek
Government Brook
Little River
Ohio Millstream
Silver River
The Heath Brook
Tusket River

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Shoals

Black Rocks
Boudreaus Rock
Cat Rock
Clam Bank
County Line Shoal
Footes Ledge
Foul Ground
Hen and Chickens
Herring Rocks
Little Lurcher
Lobster Rock
Lurcher Shoal
Mackerel Shoal
Northeast Shoal
Northwest Shoal
Pollock Shoal
Privateer Rock
Rams Horn
Roaring Bull
Sentinel Rock
Sollows Rock
Southwest Shoal
Spectacle Ledge
Trinity Ledge
Yarmouth Bar

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Towns


Yarmouth Satellite Image: Unincorporated areas

Brazil Lake
Cape Forchu
Central Chebogue
Chebogue Point
Darling Lake
Darlings Lake
East Brenton
East Chebogue
Foote Corner
Kelleys Cove
Kelly Cove
Lake George
Lower Melbourne
Milton Highlands
North Chegoggin
Pembroke Shore
Pleasant Lake
Port Maitland
Richmond Road
Sand Beach
Short Beach
South Chegoggin
South Ohio
Yarmouth Bar

Yarmouth Satellite Image: Low vegetation

Beaverdam Meadows
Chebogue River Meadows
Chegoggin Marsh
Goose Flats
The Meadows
The Swale
Air photo: Yarmouth Satellite Image map 020O16 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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