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Athabasca Topographic Maps (NTS 074)

Download free topo maps online: Athabasca, SK

NTS 074: Athabasca Topo Maps

Athabasca topo maps are available at 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scale.

NTS region 074 covers the following areas:

  • SK: Northern Saskatchewan, Lake Athabasca
  • AB: Northeastern Alberta
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Athabasca, SK, Topo Maps

NTS Region 074 is located in Saskatchewan.

You can zoom in on NTS 074 by clicking on the individual 1:250,000 scale maps above, or navigating through the map of the Athabasca region below.

To make the best use of this website and the Athabasca topo maps on this page, you may want to learn more about the National Topographic System of Canada (NTS) and its topo maps.

Canada`s NTS region 74 83P 84A 84H 84I 84P 85A 73M 73N 74D 74E 74L 74M 75D 74C 74F 74N 74K 75C 73O 74B 74G 75B 74J 74O 74H 74A 73P 63M 64D 64E 74I 64L 75A 74P 64M 65D
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.

Athabasca 074
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