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082F05 Castlegar Topo Map

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Castlegar Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082F05 Castlegar:

Castlegar Topo Map: Bays

Sandy Bay
Wards Bay

Castlegar Topo Map: Beaches

Driftwood Beach

Castlegar Topo Map: Capes

Purdys Point
Shields Point

Castlegar Topo Map: City


Castlegar Topo Map: Hydraulic construction

Hugh Keenleyside Dam

Castlegar Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Neekas Indian Reserve 4

Castlegar Topo Map: Islands

Gold Island
Zuckerberg Island

Castlegar Topo Map: Lakes

Langill Lake
Lower Arrow Lake
Nancy Greene Lake
Sheep Lake

Castlegar Topo Map: Mountains

Aaron Hill
Bentz Peak
Bonnington Range
Columbia Mountains
Gem Hill
Kokanee Range
Ladybird Mountain
Monashee Mountains
Mount Stewart
Norns Mountains
Norns Range
Pine Ridge
Robson Ridge
Rossland Range
Selkirk Mountains
Sentinel Mountain
Slocan Ranges
Slocan Ridge
Valhalla Mountains
Valhalla Range
Valhalla Ranges
Valkyr Mountains
Valkyr Range

Castlegar Topo Map: Conservation areas

Brilliant Terrace Park
Nancy Greene Park
Pass Creek Park
Syringa Creek Park
Syringa Park

Castlegar Topo Map: Plains

Andersons Flats

Castlegar Topo Map: Rapids

Slocan Pool
Tincup Rapids
Waterloo Eddy

Castlegar Topo Map: Rivers

Airport Creek
Allandale Creek
Bear Creek
Beet Creek
Blueberry Creek
Brodie Creek
Cai Creek
Cant Creek
Cayuse Creek
Champion Creek
Columbia River
Cub Creek
Davidson Brook
Durham Creek
Ezra Creek
Falls Creek
Farr Creek
Fleuve Columbia
Gander Creek
Gibson Creek
Glade Creek
Goose Creek
Hood Creek
Iron Creek
Jacob Creek
Judkin Creek
Kinney Creek
Kootenay River
Ladybird Creek
Langill Creek
Little Cayuse Creek
Little McPhee Creek
McCormick Creek
McDermid Creek
McPhee Creek
Merry Creek
Moberly Creek
Norns Creek
Ootischenia Creek
Phillips Creek
Rialto Creek
Rover Creek
Schofield Creek
Sher Creek
Shields Creek
Slocan River
Smoky Creek
Syringa Creek
Tarrys Creek
Tulip Creek
Wolverton Creek
Yarrow Creek

Castlegar Topo Map: River features

Skattebo Reach

Castlegar Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Crescent Valley
Gibson Creek
Koseanices Spur
New Settlement
Pass Creek
Playmor Junction
Robson West
South Slocan
Syringa Creek

Castlegar Topo Map: Valleys

Pass Valley
Castlegar Topographic map 082F05 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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