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082F12 Passmore Topo Map

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Passmore Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082F12 Passmore:

Passmore Topo Map: Lakes

Donut Lake
Johnianne Lake
Little Slocan Lakes
Lower Little Slocan Lake
Rockslide Lake
Upper Little Slocan Lake

Passmore Topo Map: Mountains

Airy Mountain
Columbia Mountains
Heimdal Mountain
Heimdal Spur
Mista Peak
Mount Flynn
Mount Freya
Mount Heimdal
Mount Ludlow
Mount Rinda
Mount Spiers
Mount Stanley
Mount Wilton
Norns Mountains
Norns Range
Perry Ridge
Selkirk Mountains
Slocan Ranges
Slocan Ridge
Stanley Spur
Valhalla Mountains
Valhalla Range
Valhalla Ranges
Valkyr Mountains
Valkyr Range

Passmore Topo Map: Conservation areas

Appledale Park
Valhalla Park

Passmore Topo Map: Rivers

Airy Creek
Arvid Creek
Avis Creek
Bannock Burn
Benninger Creek
Cayuse Creek
Christian Creek
Cougar Creek
Cowie Creek
Dago Creek
Deer Creek
Draw Creek
Dumont Creek
Dunn Creek
Fairful Creek
Falls Creek
Greasybill Creek
Greavison Creek
Grizzly Creek
Groom Creek
Ground Creek
Hird Creek
Hoder Creek
Jamie Creek
Jerome Creek
Koch Creek
Koch River
Ladybird Creek
Little Slocan River
McFayden Creek
Milton Creek
Mulvey Creek
Nelly Creek
Newcomen Creek
Nixon Creek
Norns Creek
North Greasybill Creek
Octopus Creek
Pedro Creek
Percy Creek
Perry Creek
Rice Creek
Richards Creek
Robertson Creek
Russel Creek
Slocan River
Talbott Creek
Trozzo Creek
Van Houten Creek
Watson Creek
Winlaw Creek
Wolverton Creek

Passmore Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Perry Siding
Slocan Park
Passmore Topographic map 082F12 at 1:50,000 Scale
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