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082F03 Salmo Topo Map

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Salmo Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082F03 Salmo:

Salmo Topo Map: Lakes

Bridal Lake
Devils Hole Lake
Elmo Lake
Erie Lake
King Lake
Lomond Lake
Panther Lake
Rosebud Lake
Silver Lake
Three Sisters Lake
Twin Lakes
Waldie Lake

Salmo Topo Map: Mountains

Baldy Rocks
Beehive Mountain
Bonnington Range
Boundary Ridge
Camels Hump
Columbia Mountains
Cornice Ridge
Erie Mountain
Hewlett Peak
Iron Mountain
Keystone Mountain
Lightning Strike
Lost Mountain
Mount Kelly
Mount Waldie
Nelson Range
Nevada Mountain
Reno Mountain
Ripple Mountain
Selkirk Mountains
Stott Peak
The Crags
Three Sisters
Windy Ridge
Wolf Peak
Yellowstone Peak

Salmo Topo Map: Conservation areas

Erie Creek Park
Stagleap Park

Salmo Topo Map: Rivers

Active Creek
Annie Rooney Creek
Archibald Creek
Aspen Creek
Atkinson Creek
Bear Creek
Beaver Creek
Beavervale Creek
Bell Creek
Bennett Creek
Benton Creek
Billings Creek
Billy Creek
Boulder Mill Creek
Burnt Creek
Carolina Creek
Charbonneau Creek
Church Creek
Clyde Creek
Creggan Creek
Crutch Creek
Crystal Creek
Curtis Creek
Divide Creek
Doubtful Creek
Eldorado Creek
Elmo Creek
Erie Creek
Fraser Creek
Gamble Creek
Gilliam Creek
Grouse Creek
Halfway Creek
Hammond Creek
Harcourt Creek
Hayward Creek
Hearn Creek
Hedgehog Creek
Hellroaring Creek
Hidden Creek
Hooch Creek
Howard Creek
Hudu Creek
Kelly Creek
Key Creek
Lead Creek
Lime Creek
Limpid Creek
Lomond Creek
Lost Creek
Mackenzie Creek
McArthur Creek
McCormick Creek
McKay Creek
Monk Creek
Muskrat Creek
Next Creek
Nugget Creek
Panther Creek
Pend d'Oreille River
Pend-d'Oreille River
Pete Creek
Power Creek
Proctor Creek
Query Creek
Rainy Creek
Red Bird Creek
Rest Creek
Ripple Creek
Rosebud Creek
Russian Creek
Salmo River
Scarborough Creek
Sears Creek
Shady Creek
Shandley Creek
Sheep Creek
Sixteen Mile Creek
Skilet Creek
Slate Creek
South Salmo River
Spot Creek
Stagleap Creek
Stoat Creek
Summit Creek
Swift Creek
Tillicum Creek
Tumilson Creek
Twilight Creek
Vixen Creek
Waldie Creek
Wallack Creek
Wally Creek
Weasel Creek
West Russian Creek
Whisky Creek
Wilson Creek
Woodchuck Creek
Wulf Creek
Young Grouse Creek

Salmo Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Boulder Mill
Burnt Flat
Park Siding
Ross Spur
Sheep Creek

Salmo Topo Map: Valleys

Lost Creek Pass
Pristine Pass
Rock Ridge Pass
Shenango Canyon

Salmo Topo Map: Villages

Salmo Topographic map 082F03 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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