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082F06 Nelson Topo Map

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Nelson Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 082F06 Nelson:

Nelson Topo Map: Bays

West Arm

Nelson Topo Map: Capes

Burns Point

Nelson Topo Map: Channels

Grohman Narrows

Nelson Topo Map: City


Nelson Topo Map: Falls

McDiarmid Falls

Nelson Topo Map: Hydraulic construction

Corra Linn Dam

Nelson Topo Map: Islands

Narrows Island

Nelson Topo Map: Lakes

Barrett Lake
Cottonwood Lake
Grady Lake
Kootenay Lake
Lost Lake
Marble Lake
Porcupine Lake
Qua Lake
Siwash Lake
Stuart Lake
Württemberg Lake

Nelson Topo Map: Mountains

Baldy Mountain
Bonnington Range
Burns Meadow
Cabin Peak
Colony Peak
Columbia Mountains
Commonwealth Mountain
Copper Mountain
DeFerro Ridge
Dominion Mountain
Elise Mountain
Empire Peak
Evening Ridge
Grassy Mountain
Jubilee Mountain
Kokanee Range
Midday Peak
Morning Mountain
Mount Beattie
Mount Connor
Mount Drummond
Mount Dundee
Mount Elise
Mount Verde
Nelson Range
Red Mountain
Selkirk Mountains
Siwash Mountain
Slocan Ranges
Territory Peak
Toad Mountain
White Queen
Württemberg Mountain
Ymir Mountain

Nelson Topo Map: Conservation areas

Cottonwood Lake Park
Grohman Narrows Park
West Arm Park

Nelson Topo Map: Recreational sites


Nelson Topo Map: Rivers

Active Creek
Anderson Creek
Apex Creek
Avalanche Creek
Barrett Creek
Bird Creek
Boulder Mill Creek
Burnt Creek
Clearwater Creek
Connor Creek
Copper Creek
Cottonwood Creek
Craigtown Creek
Cultus Creek
Dunlop Creek
Eagle Creek
Elise Creek
Erie Creek
Falls Creek
Fell Creek
Five Mile Creek
Fortynine Creek
Garrity Creek
Giveout Creek
Glade Creek
Gladstone Creek
Gold Creek
Granite Creek
Grassy Creek
Grohman Creek
Hall Creek
Hemlock Creek
Huckleberry Creek
Keno Creek
Kootenay River
Kutetl Creek
Laib Creek
Lasca Creek
Laurel Creek
Marion Brook
Midas Creek
Mohawk Creek
Noman Creek
Olive Creek
Oscar Creek
Periodical Creek
Porcupine Creek
Porter Creek
Qua Creek
Quartz Creek
Rapid Creek
Rover Creek
Rumbling Creek
Rush Creek
Salmo River
Sandy Creek
Seeman Creek
Selous Creek
Skilet Creek
Slide Creek
Smallwood Creek
Smelter Creek
Snowwater Creek
Sproule Creek
Star Creek
Stewart Creek
Trites Creek
Wally Creek
Warrington Creek
Wren Creek
Württemberg Creek
Ymir Creek
Young Creek
Young Grouse Creek

Nelson Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Bonnington Falls
Corra Linn
Granite Siding
Mountain Station
Porto Rico
South Nelson
Nelson Topographic map 082F06 at 1:50,000 Scale
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