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052F04 Kakagi Lake Topo Map

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Kakagi Lake Gazetteer

The following places can be found on topographic map sheet 052F04 Kakagi Lake:

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Bays

Black Bay
Blacky Bay
Blind Bay
Crow Portage Bay
Gohere Bay
James Bay
Line Bay
Muskie Bay
Northwest Arm (of Pipestone Lake)
Oar Bay
Peninsula Bay
Phinney Bay
Sabaskong Bay
Stevens Bay
Stony Portage Bay
Young Bay

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Capes

Chase Point
Cliff Point
Cyclone Point
Dash Lake Point
Leatzow Point
Pivot Point
Sabaskong Peninsula
Sand Point
Tex Point

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Channels

Cold Narrows
Gates Ajar
Sullivan Narrows

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Geographical areas

Rainy River

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Indian Reserves

Réserve indienne Sabaskong Bay 35D
Sabaskong Bay 35D
Sabaskong Bay Indian Reserve 35D

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Islands

Bear Island
Birch Island
Birch Island
Corner Island
Emils Island
Fish Island
Gold Point Island
Green Island
Mink Island
Mosquito Point Island
Pine Island
Ross Island
Tompkins Island
Trails End Island
Wolf Island

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Lakes

Anstey Lake
Aremis Lake
Athos Lake
Bartley Lake
Bass Lake
Bethune Lake
Britton Lake
Brooks Lake
Brown Trout Lake
Burditt Lake
Caliper Lake
Calvert Lake
Cameron Lake
Campbell Lake
Carver Lake
Clarkson Lake
Cobourg Lake
Dad Lake
Darrow Lake
D'Artagnan Lake
Dash Lake
Derby Lake
Dorothy Lake
Feather Lake
Fournier Lake
Gates Ajar Lake
Graham Lake
Helena Lake
Heronry Lake
Hornberg Lake
Hospital Lake
Kakabikitchiwan Lake
Kakagi Lake
Katimiagamak Lake
Kishkutena Lake
Knauf Lake
Lac des Bois
Lake of the Woods
Little Kishkutena Lake
Little Trout Lake
Loonhaunt Lake
Lower Brooks Lake
Lower Twin Lake
Marl Lake
Maw Lake
Mongus Lake
Nightjar Lake
Osipasinni Lake
Otterskin Lake
Phinney Lake
Pinus Lake
Pipestone Lake
Quida Lake
Sandhill Lake
Schistose Lake
Shallow Water Lake
Silver Lake
Slender Lake
South Narrow Lake
South Otterskin Lake
Stanbury Lake
Stonedam Lake
Summit Lake
Tank Lake
Tompkins Lake
Upper Twin Lake
Weld Lake
Wigwam Lake

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Other municipal/district area - miscellaneous

McGeorge & Willingdon
Sioux Narrows
Sioux Narrows Nestor Falls
Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Conservation areas

Caliper Lake Provincial Park
Derby Lake Wilderness Area
Pipestone Conservation Reserve

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Rivers

Bartley Creek
Brooks Creek
Burnt Creek
Carver Creek
Clarkson Creek
D'Artagnan Creek
Katimia Creek
Log Creek
Manomin River
Phinney Creek
Sabaskong River

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Road features

Height of Land Portage
Loon Portage
Phinney Lake Portage
Wade Portage

Kakagi Lake Topo Map: Unincorporated areas

Caliper Lake
Crow Lake
Nestor Falls
One Sided Lake
Kakagi Lake Topographic map 052F04 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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