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Baddeck Satellite Image Map

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Baddeck Satellite Imagery

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Baddeck Surrounding Area Aerial Photo Maps

011K15 Pleasant Bay Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 011K16 Dingwall Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
011K11 Cheticamp Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 011K10 Cheticamp River Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 011K09 Ingonish Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
011K06 Margaree Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 011K07 St Anns Harbour Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 011K08 Bras D'Or Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
011K04 Port Hood Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 011K03 Lake Ainslie Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 011K02 Baddeck Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 011K01 Sydney Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
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Baddeck Gazetteer

The following places can be found on satellite image map 011K02 Baddeck:

Baddeck Satellite Image: Bays

Back Bay
Baddeck Bay
Baddeck Harbour
Beaver Cove
Big Harbour
Black Cove
Boulaceet Harbour
Campbells Cove
Cow Bay
Deep Cove
Herring Cove
Indian Bay
Indian Cove
Island Point Harbour
John Alex Cove
Maccrutchie Cove
MacDonalds Cove
MacDonalds Cove
MacInnis Cove
MacIvers Cove
MacKenzie Cove
MacNaughtons Cove
MacRitchies Cove
MacRitchies Southside Cove
Malcolms Cove
Martins Cove
Maskells Harbour
Maskell's Harbour
McIvor Cove
Mill Cove
Morrisons Cove
North Gut
Nyanza Bay
Otter Harbour
Oyster Cove
Port Bevis
Rorys Cove
Ross Cove
Seal Cove
Shunacadie Harbour
South Cove
South Cove (Macdonald Cove)
South Gut
St. Ann Harbour
St. Anns Harbour
St. Ann's Harbour
The Harbour

Baddeck Satellite Image: Beaches

Big Beach
Maclean Beach
Shunacadie Beach

Baddeck Satellite Image: Capes

Bevis Point
Birch Point
Black Point
Brian Point
Burnt Point
Cat Point
Coffin Point
Cow Point
Cranberry Point
Cranberry Point
Crow Point
Crow Point
Donald Williams Point
Eagle Hill
Fraser Point
Gillis Point
Green Point
Harbour Point
Island Point
Jeannies Point
Kempt Head
Kid Point
Lockman Point
Longbeach Point
Macdonald Point
MacDonald Point
MacDonalds Point
MacDonalds Point
Macfarlane Point
MacFarlane Point
MacIvers Point
MacKay Point
Mackay Point
Mackenzie Point
MacKenzie Point
MacLean Beach Point
MacLeods Point
MacMillans Point
MacRae Point
Macrae Point
MacRitchies Point
Man of War Point
McIvor Point
McLeod Point
Morris Point
Munro Point
Munroes Point
Murphy Point
Otter Point
Parliament Point
Pinauds Point
Plaster Point
Point Clear
Pony Point
Ponys Point
Pony's Point
Red Head
Red Point
Ross Point
Sandy Point
Seal Point
Sheep Point
Shipyard Point
Squire Point
Sutherland Point
Upper MacLeods Point

Baddeck Satellite Image: Channels

Great Bras d'Or
Little Narrows
St. Andrew Channel
St. Andrews Channel
St. Andrew's Channel
St. Patrick Channel
St. Patricks Channel
St. Patrick's Channel

Baddeck Satellite Image: Falls

Easach Ban

Baddeck Satellite Image: Geographical areas

Cape Breton
Juste au Corps

Baddeck Satellite Image: Indian Reserves

Eskasoni 3
Wagmatcook 1

Baddeck Satellite Image: Islands

Bell Rock Island
Black Island
Bone Island
Boularderie Island
Cape Breton Island
Coffin Island
Double Island
Hume Island
Īle du Cap-Breton
Kidston Island
Mathesons Island
Neil Island
Otter Island
Otter Island
Seal Islands
Sheep Island
Spectacle Island

Baddeck Satellite Image: Lakes

Big Pond Shunacadie
Cains Pond
Camerons Pond
Church Pond
Denas Pond
Lochan Dhu
Loon Lake
Lost Lake
MacEacherns Pond
MacGregors Pond
MacKays Pond
MacKenzie Pond
MacKillops Pond
MacKillops Pond
MacLeods Lake
MacMullins Lake
MacPhedrans Lake
Mathesons Lake
Morrisons Pond
Munroes Lakes
Narrows Pond
Poker Dans Pond
Robenas Pond
Starks Pond
Steeles Lake
Taylors Ponds
Third Lake O'Law

Baddeck Satellite Image: Mountains

Beinn Bhreagh
Beinn Scalpie
Big Hill
Boisdale Hills
Bras d'Or Lookoff
Cowdis Mountain
Crowdis Mountain
Kellys Mountain
MacMillan Mountain
Northside Mountain

Baddeck Satellite Image: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Cape Breton

Baddeck Satellite Image: Conservation areas

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada
Lieu historique national du Canada Alexander-Graham-Bell
Spectacle Island Game Sanctuary
St. Anns Provincial Park

Baddeck Satellite Image: Rivers

Adelaide Brook
Allans Brook
Angus Farquhars Brook
Baddeck River
Beaver Brook
Bevis Brook
Big Brook
Big Glen Brook
Big Harbour Brook
Black Brook
Buckwheat Brook
Captains Brook
Christopher MacLeod Brook
Christopher McLeod Brook
Dicks Brook
Falls Brook
First Branch Humes River
First Gold Brook
Fox Brook
Foyle Brook
Garry Brook
Gillis Brook
Glen Brook
Gunns Brook
Harris Brook
Hume River
Humes River
Indian Brook
Indian Brook
Indian Brook
Leonard MacLeod Brook
Leonard McLeod Brook
MacAulays Brook
MacDonald Brook
MacDonald Brook
MacDonalds Brook
MacDonalds Brook
MacEacherns Brook
Macintosh Brook
MacIntosh Brook
MacIsaacs Brook
MacIver Brook
MacKay Brook
Mackay Brook
MacKenzie Brook
MacKenzies Brook
MacLean Brook
MacLeods Brook
MacMullin Brook
MacNaughtons Brook
Macneil Brook
MacPhees Brook
MacQuarries Brook
MacRae Brook
MacRae Brook
Marsh Brook
McDonald Brook
McKenzie Brook
McLean Brook
McNaughton Brook
McPhedran Brook
McRae Brook
McRae Brook
Middle River
Mile Brook
Mill Brook
Mill Cove Brook
Mill Creek
Morgan Brook
Morrison Brook
Morrison Brook
Munroes Brook
Murdoch Pauls Brook
Muskrat Brook
New Glen Brook
North Baddeck River
North Branch Baddeck River
North Branch Leonard MacLeod Brook
North Gut Brook
Oyster Creek
Peters Brook
Peters Brook
Rice Brook
Second Branch Humes River
Second Gold Brook
South Haven Brook
Third Branch Humes River
Washabuck River

Baddeck Satellite Image: River features

Bentincks Pool
Big Farm Pool
Forks Pool
Harris Pool
MacDonalds Pool
Nicholsons Pool
Red Bridge Pool
Rice Pool

Baddeck Satellite Image: Shoals

Bell Rock
Bell Rock
Big Shoal
Burnt Shoal
Coffin Shoal
Eel Shoal
MacIvers Bank
MacPhee Shoal
Macphie Shoal
McIvor Bank
Stony Shoal

Baddeck Satellite Image: Unincorporated areas

Baddeck Bay
Baddeck Bridge
Beaver Cove
Beinn Bhreagh
Beinn Scalpie
Big Baddeck
Big Beach
Big Brook
Big Farm
Big Glen
Big Harbour
Big Hill
Boularderie Centre
Buckwheat Corner
Crescent Grove
Cross Point
Forks Baddeck
Gillis Point
Gillis Point East
Glen Tosh
Gold Brook
Hume Rear
Humes Rear
Hunters Mountain
Inlet Baddeck
Island Point
Kempt Head
Long Hill
Lower Middle River
Lower Washabuck
MacAulays Hill
MacLeods Point
MacNeils Vale
McLeod Point
McNeils Vale
Middle River
Middle River Centre
New Glen
New Harris
New Harris Settlement
North Gut St. Anns
North Gut St. Ann's
Peters Brook
Plaister Mines
Port Bevis
Rear Baddeck Bay
Rear Big Hill
Rear Forks
Ross Ferry
South Cove
South Gut St. Anns
South Gut St. Ann's
South Haven
South Side of Baddeck River
South Side of Boularderie
St. Anns
St. Patricks Channel
St. Patrick's Channel
Upper Baddeck River
Upper Kempt Head
Upper Middle River
Upper Washabuck
Washabuck Bridge
Washabuck Centre
West Middle River
West Side of Middle River
Yankee Line

Baddeck Satellite Image: Low vegetation

Blueberry Barren
Little Barren

Baddeck Satellite Image: Villages

Air photo: Baddeck Satellite Image map 011K02 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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