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Sorrento Satellite Image Map

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Sorrento Satellite Imagery

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Sorrento Surrounding Area Aerial Photo Maps

082L13 Chase Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L14 Sorrento Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L15 Malakwa Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L16 Revelstoke Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
082L12 Monte Creek Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L11 Salmon Arm Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L10 Mabel Lake Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L09 Gates Creek Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
082L05 Westwold Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L06 Vernon Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L07 Shuswap Falls Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L08 Mount Fosthall Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
082L04 Shorts Creek Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L03 Oyama Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L02 Creighton Creek Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail 082L01 Eureka Mountain Aerial Satellite Photo Thumbnail
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Sorrento Gazetteer

The following places can be found on satellite image map 082L14 Sorrento:

Sorrento Satellite Image: Bays

Annis Bay
Bastion Bay
Blind Bay
Eagle Bay
Fraser Bay
Gillespie Bay
Heralds Bay
Hermit Bay
Horseshoe Bay
Hungry Cove
Magna Bay
Old Town Bay
Salmon Arm
Tappen Bay
Wild Rose Bay

Sorrento Satellite Image: Capes

Armstrong Point
Ashby Point
Black Point
Blake Point
Canoe Point
Engineers Point
Express Point
Gardiner Point
Haven Point
McBride Point
Paradise Point
Quartzite Point
Reedman Point
Semaphore Point

Sorrento Satellite Image: Channels

Cinnemousun Narrows

Sorrento Satellite Image: District municipality


Sorrento Satellite Image: Falls

Margaret Falls

Sorrento Satellite Image: Indian Reserves

North Bay Indian Reserve 5
Réserve indienne North Bay 5
Réserve indienne Scotch Creek 4
Réserve indienne Sicamous 3
Scotch Creek Indian Reserve 4
Sicamous Indian Reserve 3

Sorrento Satellite Image: Islands

Copper Island
Steamboat Island

Sorrento Satellite Image: Lakes

Little White Lake
Loftus Lake
Mara Lake
Mossy Lake
Rabie Lake
Raby Lake
Santabin Lake
Shuswap Lake
Skimikin Lake
White Lake

Sorrento Satellite Image: Mountains

Aline Hill
Bastion Mountain
Bastion Mountains
Black Mountain
Mount Hilliam
Mount Riley
Mount Tappen
Notch Hill
Shuswap Highland

Sorrento Satellite Image: Major municipal/district area - major agglomerations

Columbia-Shuswap Regional District

Sorrento Satellite Image: Conservation areas

Celista Park
Cinnemousun Narrows Park
Herald Park
Shuswap Lake Marine Park
Shuswap Lake Park
Sunnybrae Park
Sunnybrae Recreation Area
White Lake Park

Sorrento Satellite Image: Rivers

Ashby Creek
Bastion Creek
Blackwood Creek
Broderick Creek
Canoe Creek
Carlin Brook
Cedar Creek
Celistown Creek
De Roy Creek
Deodar Creek
Dondaneau Creek
Eagle River
Enns Creek
Farrell Creek
Fransen Creek
Hart Creek
Heubner Creek
Hlina Creek
Hudson Creek
Hummingbird Creek
Knight Creek
Larch Hills Creek
Mara Creek
McIntyre Creek
McLellan Creek
Newsome Creek
Old Town Creek
Onyx Creek
Pari Creek
Perris Creek
Picket Creek
Rasmussen Creek
Reinecker Creek
Robinson Creek
Ross Creek
Skimikin Creek
Tappen Creek
White Creek
Wright Brook

Sorrento Satellite Image: Unincorporated areas

Bastion Bay
Blind Bay
Eagle Bay
Magna Bay
Notch Hill
Paradise Point
Scotch Creek
Six Mile Point
St. Ives
Tiili Landing
Tiilis Landing
White Lake
Air photo: Sorrento Satellite Image map 082L14 at 1:50,000 Scale
© Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
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